Silly and Wonderfully Weird, Yet Affordable, Japanese Gift Ideas

by Donna David

You will never get bored living in Japan. I’ve been living in Japan for the past two decades and I still see things that astound me, some in good ways and some in not-so-good ways. Whether you are in awe of the amazing talent that produces such wonderfully weird things or taken aback by things that are just plain weird, there’s no denying that there’s no limit to Japanese creativity and imagination. Here are some Japanese products that would either send you off on an eBay hunt or make you run far, far away.

Let’s start with the face-palm worthy ones.

This “neck wrinkle pad” is supposed to smoothen out your wattles while you sleep. How are you even going to get any sleep with that on? Besides, nobody sees you when you are asleep, and everyone sees you when you are awake and going about your day, so when they invent an invisible one that you can wear during the day I’m hitting that buy button. Until then, no torture device for me.


Neck wrinkle pad
Neck wrinkle pad – View More Neck Wrinkle Pads

These are towel gloves for drying wet hair because clearly, your regular plain old towel doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m waiting for towel gloves for the arms, towel gloves for the legs, oh, wait, maybe just one, big towel bodysuit! Get in wet, get out dry.

Towel gloves
Towel gloves – Click Here to View a Variety of Towel Gloves

Japanese women are obsessed with having small faces. The goal is to make your face look as small as possible, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a huge market for this face-tightening belt. I’ll pass on this one, only because I can wrap my towel around my face since I won’t be using that anymore for drying because I already have those towel gloves.

Face-tightening belt
Face-tightening belt – Click Here to View Face Tightening Solutions

This is called a “boyfriend pillow”. David Letterman could easily do a top 10 on this one, but I’m not Letterman so I can’t. Truly, there are no words.

Boyfriend pillow
“Boyfriend pillow” – Click Here to Get Yours

Now, these are the wonderfully weird ones.

I can’t decide if these mop slippers are the best housecleaning gadgets ever invented or just plain ridiculous. They look ridiculous, but if they cut my cleaning duties even by just a few minutes, I’m getting these.

Mop slippers
Mop slippers – Click Here to View Mop Slippers

At first glance, this might seem like another useless tchotchke but pair it with some instant noodles in a cup and this one’s a winner. “Cup men” is a gadget that holds down the lid of your cup of noodles while you wait for them to cook. I’ve burned fingers before trying to hold that lid down; I’ve placed books on top that were ruined by the escaping steam, and chopsticks on top of the lid just don’t work. Fortunately, this one does.

Cup men
“Cup men”

Tuck this samurai sword umbrella into your backpack and prevent…muggings? The only thing this “sword” will defeat is rain.

Samurai sword umbrella
Samurai sword umbrella – Click Here – Get Your Samurai Sword Umbrella

If you have a fetish for opening beer cans, this one’s for you. This “endless beer can” even has that sound when you open one and the fizzy sound the beer makes.

Endless beer can
“Endless beer can”

Some people meditate, others work out, and there are those who burst bubble wrap. Called “endless bubble wrap”, this latest stress reliever doesn’t require silence or a gym membership. Simply pull it out of your pocket and go. It also makes that satisfying popping sound, but wait, there’s more! Every 100 pops, it makes a gassy sound or it speaks to you in a sexy voice. Truly wonderfully weird.

Endless bubble wrap
“Endless bubble wrap”

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