How to Show the Windows 7 Taskbar Time and Date

The following instructions are for how to show the Windows 7 taskbar time and date if it appears to be hidden in the taskbar notification area. If you are using an older version of Windows like Windows XP then refer to these directions.

It’s typically recommended that you display your computer’s time and date to ensure it’s correct on an ongoing basis. This may help you to avoid certificate errors on web pages and other problems that may occur. An incorrect time and date may also indicate that your CMOS battery needs to be replaced.

Instructions for showing time and date in the Windows taskbar

1. Right-click anywhere on the Windows taskbar and choose properties.

Right click Windows taskbar showing Properties

2. Inside the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties choose the Customize button.

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties Customize button

3. Inside the Notification Area, Icons window click on the link Turn system icons on or off.

Turn system icons on or off

4. In the System Icons window select On from Clock Behaviors.

System Icons window with Clock set to On

5. Click on OK to apply time and date settings.