Windows sound is not working: Check Windows sound playback device

If your Windows sound is not working there are some steps you can take to diagnose the problem. The following steps begin with simple issues like muted sound, sound playback device, and other Windows sound instructions and diagnostics.

How to tell if a Windows sound playback device is enabled

STEPS 1 & 2: Check to make sure your Sound Playback Device is enabled. This can be done by right clicking the sound icon on your taskbar. This will bring up a menu of options to choose from. Choose Playback devices.

Choosing Playback devices from the Windows taskbar

STEPS 3, 4 & 5: Once you are within the Sound Playback device window, choose your device by clicking on it. Then click on Set Default and finally click on Apply or OK.

Windows sound playback device

Windows sound still not working after applying a sound playback device?

Did you check to make sure your sounds are not muted, that your speaker volume knob is turned up, and that there is a power to your speakers?

If you checked these items already, then go to the next step by clicking the link below to learn about connecting your speakers to the back of your computer.

Check the connection of speakers to the back of your computer >>