Windows sound is not working: Check mute, sound is muted, unmute

If your Windows sound is not working there are some steps you can take to diagnose the problem. The following steps begin with simple issues like muted sound, sound playback device, and end with more involved Windows sound instructions and diagnostics.

How to tell if Windows sound is set to mute

STEP 1: Start with the simple stuff. Check to make sure your sounds are not muted. Look on your Windows taskbar (typically located on the bottom of your screen) and find the little speaker icon.

Muted sound

STEP 2: If it appears like the example above with a red line through it, then your sound is set to mute. Left click on the sound icon in your Windows taskbar to bring up the volume and mute options. Click the speaker icon to unmute it. The end result should appear like the example below with no red line through it.

unmute sound

STEP 3: To test your sound move the volume slider up slightly. This should produce a short system sound if it’s not muted. If you do not hear it check to make sure your speakers are in the ON position and are plugged in to receive power. This is typically indicated by a power light on the speakers. Also ensure that if your speakers have a volume knob, that it’s turned up.