Windows sound is not working: Missing sound drivers in device manager

If your Windows sound is not working this could be because your sound drivers are not installed, missing drivers or incorrectly configured drivers. This can be checked by opening Device Manager and looking for yellow exclamation or yellow question marks.

Check Windows Device Manager for missing sound drivers indicated by yellow exclamation or question marks

1. Open device manager and double click on Sound, Video and Game Controllers or Other Devices.

2. If you see yellow exclamation points or yellow question marks on your sound related icons this typically indicates missing drivers or incorrectly configured drivers creating a conflict. See the example below of the exclamation in a yellow triangle. It may say unknown device or similar.

Device Manager with yellow exclamation

3. Right click on the device and choose Update Driver Software.

4. If Windows cannot find the proper sound drivers then you may need to install them on your system from your manufacturer’s disc or visit their website and search for the drivers there. You may also be able to locate sound drivers using Windows Update. Here are Instructions to Install Drivers with Windows Update.

Windows sounds still not working after installing drivers?

Did you determine if your computer has audio hardware installed in device manager?

Did you check to make sure your sounds are not muted, that your speaker volume knob is turned up, and that there is a power (your speakers plugged into a power outlet)?

Did you make sure you have a sound playback device enabled?

Did you check to make sure your speakers are connected to the back of your computer?