How to Create Multiple Virtual Desktops Using Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature for creating multiple virtual desktops that you can toggle. This provides more space to organize your workspace and helps to streamline workflow. Multiple desktops are useful if you need to run several programs at once as I do. Creating new desktops is easy and can be accomplished right from the Windows 10 taskbar or by using shortcut keys explained below. Here is an example of how I set up multiple desktops on dual monitors.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop #1

I use desktop #1 for running Photoshop (left monitor) and researching tutorials (right monitor).

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop #2

Desktop #2: Web design / programming (left monitor) and FTP plus desktop files (right monitor).

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop #3

Desktop #3: Communication / Networking, chat, and e-mail somewhat stacked.

Simple steps for creating multiple virtual desktops in Windows 10

1. Locate the Task View icon on the taskbar and select it (or Keyboard shortcut Windows Key Windows Key + Tab). This will open any currently running tasks on the current desktop. But, if you look all the way to the bottom-right you will see a plus sign + New desktop. See step #2 below.

creating multiple virtual desktops in Windows 10 - the Task View

2. Select the + New desktop OR keyboard shortcut Windows Key Windows Key + Ctrl + D to create a new desktop without any need to be in Task View.

Create new dekstop

3. Now you will have a new desktop that will appear in the Task View. By selecting desktops here you can toggle back and forth, close them by clicking the “X“, or create more. Note: While working you can toggle using the keyboard as follows using your arrow keys: Windows Key Windows KeyCtrl + Arrow Right (or Arrow Left).

Multiple virtual desktops

Virtual desktop Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to use while working

ActionVirtual Desktop Keyboard Shortcut
Create a new virtual desktopWindows Key Windows Key + Ctrl + D
Toggle back-and-forth through virtual desktops createdWindows Key Windows Key + Ctrl + Arrow Right (or Arrow Left)
Close the virtual desktop that’s currently being viewedWindows Key Windows Key + Ctrl + F4
Open Task ViewWindows Key Windows Key + Tab

Moving virtual desktop programs from one desktop to another

1. Open Task View from the taskbar or Windows Key Windows Key + Tab

2. Choose the desktop with the active program you want to move.

3. Right click on the program you want to move and choose Move to > Desktop 2 (or whatever desktop you select)

Moving virtual desktop programs from one desktop to another using (Move To)