What are the types of Vinegar?

Listed are some of the types of vinegar that are commonly found.

types of vinegar

Common Types of Vinegar and Acidity Levels

Balsamic Vinegar – Dark, almost black in color, labeled Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale. A syrup-like vinegar. Used in sauces, salads, on fruit and for dipping bread.

Rice Vinegar – Various shades of red and brown. Very popular in Japan, Korea, and China. Made from fermented rice, milder than most common kinds of vinegar. Low acidity.

Date Vinegar – Popular in the Middle East. Made from fermented date juice and commonly used in Iran. Date sugar produces a dark colored and rich flavored vinegar. Has a rich, fruity flavor. Used like balsamic vinegar.

Malt Vinegar – Made by malting barley with a tangy or pungent taste. Good for sauce bases or marinades. Full-bodied flavor makes it popular with seafood or on meat.

Cider Vinegar– 5-6% acidity. Used for pickling fruit and for salad dressing. From crushed and aged apples. Also touted to cure a variety of ailments and for weight loss by speeding up the metabolism according to some sources. Used in salad dressings, mayonnaise, or sprinkled on chips and fries.

Coconut Vinegar – Made from the sap of the coconut tree. A staple food in coconut abundant regions of Asia. Used mostly in the Philippines and southeast Asia. Low acidity. It has a unique aftertaste and it’s used in Indian and Thai food.

Red Wine Vinegar – 5-6% acidity. Made from all types of red wine. Used in vinaigrettes, marinades, stews, and sauces.

White Wine Vinegar – 4-7% acidity. Indispensable in any kitchen and aggressive in taste. Stronger than rice vinegar, made from white wine like chardonnay.

Sherry VinegarVinagre de Jerez is made in Spain. A flavorful gourmet wine vinegar, this can complement a wide variety of sauces, soups, steamed vegetables and more. The main ingredient of any vinegar is acetic acid.

What Type of Vinegar is Best for Cleaning?

Undiluted white distilled vinegar tends to be the best choice for cleaning and disinfecting because of the acidity levels. It’s a great natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly household cleaning product with an average of a 5% acidity level.

No Cholesterol – Mild, gentle, and versatile cleaner!

What Can Vinegar Be Used For?

Undiluted white distilled vinegar can be used for coloring Easter eggs – canning – pickling – marinating – removing beer stains, remove grass stains, candy stains, coffee stains, deodorant stains, removing human urine smell, feces stains, remove cat urine smell, mustard stains, remove rust stains, sweat stains, tea stains, remove urine stains and for cleaning shower heads to remove blockage.

What is the name of the acid in vinegar?