How to Make Windows Desktop Icons Smaller

Make Windows icons smaller

There are at least two ways to make your Windows 10 desktop icons smaller. The fastest way to adjust Windows 10 icon size Hold-down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while simultaneously scrolling the mouse wheel backward. The next fastest way to make Windows icons smaller Right click on the desktop (any empty space is […]

How to Lock Windows Desktop Icons in Place

Lock Windows icons in place

These simple steps explain how to lock Windows 10 desktop icons in place so they do not move from their set locations. This method will arrange icons to the left side of your desktop. Within this arrangement, you can still switch the order of icons by click + dragging them but will not be able […]

How to Add Cool Website Bullets on a Web Page

Free Web Bullets

It’s really easy to add cool website bullets and arrows to a web page. Bullets are great for adding emphasis to blocks of text and can really draw the reader’s attention to important information. I use bullets frequently in my Word documents and on live web pages. I think you’ll find some of the following […]

Windows Icons Appear Too Big

Question received: My icons appear too big on my desktop. I’m not sure what happened to make them look too big. Can you help make them smaller? Icons that are too big could either be fixed inside your Display Properties Appearance or within Settings Screen Resolution. First, make sure you aren’t running in safe mode. […]

Free Alien Icons

Free alien icons

Free alien icons of various colors These sets of free alien icons can be downloaded for free and come with the Photoshop file and transparent gif format. All images are original and created in Photoshop. You will not find these icons on any other website and are the size as shown. Feel free to download […]

Change Windows Icon Label Text Letters Using Icon Drop Shadows

How to remove the Windows icon label color so that you just see the icon text letters with a transparent label. Using Drop Shadows for Icon Labels in Windows. Making desktop icons text label backgrounds transparent is really very simple in Windows. Steps for making Windows Icon Text Labels Transparent 1. Click Start > Control Panel. 2. Click Performance and […]

How To Change Windows 8 Start Menu Icons With Something Better

Ugly Windows 8 Start menu icons generated from website shortcuts. This screenshot shows some ugly-looking application shortcut icons on my Windows 8 Start menu. This pixelated or blurry look is common when creating a website shortcut. This happens when Windows stretches a tiny image saved from a website (favicon) to fit the larger Windows icon format. […]

How to Change Icon Size in Windows

How to change icon size in Windows XP is easy using the following simple instructions to resize desktop icons. 1. First, right click on an empty area on your desktop and choose Properties. 2. In the Display Properties window choose the Appearance tab and click on Advanced – See figure 1. 3. In the Advanced Appearance window, choose Icon from the Item: drop-down list […]

Sleewee Free Icon Series 2 – Download Free Website Bullets

Download Free Website Bullets 2

Download this set of free website bullets for use on web pages. These images include tiny arrow icons, solid wedges, pixel chevron icons, pixel double chevrons, joined chevrons, joined arrow bullets, dog on a short leash icon, dashed squares, simple chevrons, Islam icons, particles, large particle icons, tiny star web bullets, clover-shaped icons, x-shaped bullets, and barcode […]

Sleewee Free Icon Series 1 – Download Free Website Bullets

Free Web Bullets

Download this set of free website bullets for use on web pages. These images include all-seeing eyes, gear bullets, 1/2 hollow wedge images, tiny ankh icons, dotted arrow bullets, tiny play buttons, tiny Star of David icons, parallel line chevrons, primitive symbols, rattlesnake icons,  hollow chevrons, loaded arrows icons, bear bullets, colorful tiny awareness ribbons, shields with […]

Turn Windows Icons Upright

How to turn your Windows desktop icons upright when they appear sideways using rotation settings. To make an icon appear upright, change the Video card rotation settings, this sometimes makes a strange sideways or not upright-looking desktop. Here is how to change NVIDIA video card rotation settings from the NVIDIA control panel. 1. Look on […]

Icon Names – Icon Labels to Show Background Color of Desktop with Drop Shadow

The names of my icons now show the background color of my desktop. They were transparent / translucent, meaning that I would see the desktop background, but with a slight drop shadow. How do you reset icon labels with drop shadow? To maintain transparent icon backgrounds with drop shadow on your desktop try the following […]