How To Remove Spider Webs From Your Home’s Exterior

Remove spider webs

Spider webs tend to build up over time around your home’s exterior. Spider web build-up will tend to be worse if you leave exterior lights on at night. This is because many insects are attracted to light and this makes a perfect hunting ground for all kinds of spiders. The webs are especially troublesome because […]

How do I dispose of gasoline?

Dispose of gasoline

How do I get rid of gasoline that’s been sitting in my garage? The best way to dispose of gasoline is to use it in your lawnmower or vehicle if it’s in good condition but based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Gasoline tends to have added detergents and stabilizers that allow it to last longer than […]

How to Check for Roof Leaks in the Attic

Check for roof leaks in the attic

How to check for roof leaks in your attic If the roof surface is damaged and needs repair there will often be evidence of leaks inside the attic. This page explains how to locate potential leaks. You should have a powerful flashlight, tape measure, notepad, and some colored masking tape or a marker in order […]

How to Treat Blisters

How to treat blisters

The following are some good to know tips for treating blisters. What causes blisters? Blisters usually develop from friction (a rubbing motion on the skin), from a burn, sunburn, chemical burn, or from extreme cold. They are most commonly found on the hands or feet. A blister contains trapped fluid within the upper layer of […]

Low Water Pressure in the Shower: How to Clean the Shower Head

If you are experiencing low water pressure in just one shower (both hot and cold water) and water pressure is fine everywhere else in your house, then the shower head might have blockage. This is often caused by sediment (sand) in pipes for new construction houses leading to a blocked shower head, or a faulty/damaged gasket, or […]

Pipe Thawing / How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

There are several methods that can be used for thawing frozen pipes. These methods depend on the specific type of pipe that needs thawing. First, open all faucets unless you suspect cracked pipes (See tip below for cracked pipes). If you have plastic PVC pipes or metal, you can wrap them with cloth material like […]

How to Remove Human Urine Smell

Try the following simple instructions to remove human urine smell using white distilled vinegar. 1. To remove urine smell soak up as much of the urine as you can with a dry paper towel. 2. Then create a mixture of lukewarm water and baking soda until it’s the consistency of a paste. 3. Rub the […]

How to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

One method to prevent pipes from becoming frozen during a freezing spell is to set all faucets to a steady drip. This may allow just enough water flow to prevent pipes from freezing. See also: How to Thaw Frozen Pipes that explains several methods for thawing pipes that are already frozen. Related: How to thaw frozen pipes […]

How to Thaw a Frozen Lock

How to thaw a frozen lock so the key will turn the lock Sometimes in very cold climates locks freeze and will not allow the key to turn the lock. One method to help thaw the lock is to heat the key using a lighter. With your gloves on, heat the key with the lighter […]

How to Secure Your Home From Burglary

The following are some simple tips to secure your home from burglary and help prevent home burglaries while you are away from your home. 1. Make your home appear as if it’s occupied by leaving a few interior lights on. You may also want to turn on your television with the sound volume turned up so that it can […]

How to Remove Cat Urine Stains

Try the following simple instructions to remove cat urine stains using baking soda and white vinegar. 1. First, soak up as much of the cat urine as you can with a dry paper towel to begin the process of removing the stain. 2. Then stir a mix of baking soda with warm water until it’s a smooth […]

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell

Try the following simple instructions to remove cat urine smell using white distilled type of vinegar and baking soda. 1. To remove the smell of cat urine, soak up as much of the cat urine as you can with a dry paper towel. 2. Then stir a mix of warm water and baking soda until it’s the […]

How to Clean How to Clean Toilet Water Rings

I see water rings inside my toilet. What can I do to get rid of these? Generally, toilet rings will scrub-off using a powdered cleaning product, baking soda or a pumice stone (or pumice scouring stick). If using a powdered cleaning product, sprinkle the entire toilet bowl with plenty of cleansing powder and scrub with a […]