How to Clear Browser Cache

Delete Browser Cache

These simple steps explain how to clear browser cache in the Chrome Web Browser, Internet Explorer Web Browser, and Firefox Web Browser. You can easily skip all of the instructions below by using the clear browser cache keyboard shortcut. This is done by pressing the keys Ctrl + Shift + Delete while your web browser […]

How to Manage Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome makes it incredibly easy to manage bookmarks. If you are unfamiliar with bookmarks they are basically icons that appear below the browser address bar that act as convenient shortcut links to websites you specify. You can also create folders in the same area to organize a series of bookmarks in case you want […]

Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Chrome keyboard commands

Google Chrome offers a variety of useful keyboard shortcut commands used to perform Chrome tasks more quickly. To perform a command, press the buttons listed together at the same time. For example, the command for Ctrl + F (used for “find”) means that you would press the Control key “Ctrl” on the keyboard at the same […]

How to Block JavaScript on a Website in Google Chrome

Sometimes you may want to block JavaScript for a specific website but keep it enabled on other sites you visit. The reasons for blocking JavaScript could be that you don’t trust the site, for page performance reasons, or maybe there is a JavaScript causing errors on the page rendering important content unusable. Method #1 – […]

How to Spell Check Text Fields with Google Chrome Spell-Checker Options

If Google Chrome spell checker is turned off you will not see misspelled words underlined in red within text fields. I went for several months not even realizing I had spell checking disabled in the browser. There were undoubtedly a number of errors I would have caught before submitting my information. Some refer to text […]

Fix Google Chrome From Showing, “The Server’s Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid!”

Google Chrome will display a message, “The server’s security certificate is not yet valid.” This is due to your Windows calendar/clock is not set to the right time/date.” The full message may read, “You attempted to reach, but the server presented a certificate that is not yet valid. No information is available to indicate whether […]

How to Disable Java in the Google Chrome Browser

The following simple instructions explain how to disable Java in the Google Chrome browser. Two methods are shown: The fastest way and the long way. Java is a plug-in provided in most modern browsers but is typically not needed for most web browsing tasks. It’s recommended to disable Java to avoid browser security vulnerabilities according to The […]