How to Setup Rust Server Config

I’ve tried several configs over the years and have settled on this setup that allows for default decay and radiation for a 100 player server. The main config file is often referred to as the “CFG” file even though there are several files with the extension CFG like bans.cfg and users.cfg. Depending on your host there may be various ways to modify your server’s CFG from command line, simple form field interface like Gameservers and GTX Gaming, to direct editing of the serverauto.cfg under other configurations.

Example Rust Server Config

The world size of 4000 tends to be the preferred world size by most players on a 100 player server, but with the new XP grind and longer wipe cycles, it may be prudent to lower world sizes to a range such as 3000-3500 for optimal performance. For reference, the default Rust world size is 3000, and I believe this goes into effect if you leave +server.worldsize blank. Learn more about choosing the best Rust map.

Server decay default “1” is recommended for performance reasons. This allows for 100% decay scale and is a good self-cleaning system for especially busy servers. Learn more about why I think Rust decay is a good thing even though there are many players that absolutely hate it.

This is an example Rust Server Config that I use

-batchmode +server.ip +server.port 00000 +server.level “Procedural Map” +server.seed 2029836 +server.worldsize 4000 +server.maxplayers 100 +server.hostname “This is the server info you want people to see” +server.identity “00000” +rcon.ip +rcon.port 00000 +rcon.password 000000 +query_port 00000 +server.url “” +server.headerimage “” +server.description “*xxxxxx\n *xxxx\n *xxxxx\n *xxxx\n *xxxxx\n *xxxxxx” +decay.scale “1” +server.radiation “true” -nologs -load

Rust Server Config Line-By-Line

Rust Server Config Line-By-Line

+server.ip (Your server IP address)
+server.port 00000 (Your server port)
+server.level “Procedural Map”
+server.seed 2029836 (Choose any number between 1 and 2147483648)
+server.worldsize 4000
+server.maxplayers 100
+server.hostname “This is the server info you want people to see”
+server.identity “00000” (Provided by host)
+rcon.ip (Provided by host)
+rcon.port 00000 (Provided by host)
+rcon.password 000000 (Provided by host)
+query_port 00000 (Provided by host)
+server.url “” (Point to your web page)
+server.headerimage “” (Make header image and upload it somewhere)
+server.description “*xxxxxx\n *xxxx\n *xxxxx\n *xxxx\n *xxxxx\n *xxxxxx” (I like to describe more about the server with bullets)
+decay.scale “1” (1 = 100% | 0 = no decay | .5 = half decay)
+server.radiation “true” (Do you want radiation to occur near monuments? True or False)

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