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How to Remove Rust Stains With Vinegar

How to remove rust stains using white distilled vinegar to completely soak the stain.

1. Do not use chlorine on rust stains or the stain may set.

2. Let the area completely dry before you begin. To remove rust stains begin with your dry fabric and try using a blunt object such as a butter knife to gently scape-off any rust flakes if any exist.

3. Then use undiluted white distilled vinegar to soak the stained area. Let it sit for several hours.

4. If this does not work you can try commercially available cleaning product designed specifically for rust removal. If you use mild detergents be sure it contains no alkalis.

What else can vinegar be used for ?

Undiluted white distilled vinegar can be used for coloring easter eggs - canning - pickling - marinating - removing beer stains, remove grass stains, candy stains, coffee stains, deoderant stains, removing human urine smell, feces stains, remove cat urine smell, mustard stains, remove rust stains, sweat stains, tea stains, remove urine stains and for cleaning shower heads to remove blockage.


What is the name of the acid in vinegar?