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Remove Chewing Gum From Clothing

Try the following to remove chewing gum from clothing.

To remove chewing gum from clothing use a piece of ice wrapped inside a plastic bag. Rub the gum so that it hardens and gradually work the gum out of the fabric with your fingers. Another approach is to place the clothing article inside a plastic bag and place it in the freezer until gum hardens (usually about one hour). For both approaches, use a non-sharp instrument with a slight edge for delicate materials or a knife for denim or strong fabrics to scrape the gum away. Another approach is to use egg white. Place egg white on the gum for a few minutes and slowly work the gum out of the fabric.

Tip: Timing is crucial for removing chewing gum from clothing when it first sticks to clothing. Try and remove as much as possible before the gum sets in and hardens. Use caution when removing gum from very delicate fabrics and consider removing most of the gum with your hand.