U.S. Army Officer Rank: Army General of the Army Rank

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The following describes the U.S. Army General of the Army rank insignia, salary, formal and informal ways to address a General of the Army.

Army General of the Army Rank

Army General of the Army Rank

Army General rank consists of five silver stars. General of the Army is the eleventh in the series of Army Commissioned Officer ranks after General and is created in wartime.

A General of the Army abbreviated GOA, is addressed as “General” by subordinate officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers NCOs such as Army Sergeants and Army Privates. This rank has not been used since World War II. The position is created when it’s required to have an officer of equal or greater rank than Army commanders of other nations. The phrase “Five-Star General” is often used when referring to an officer of this rank but not when addressing them.

An Army General has a pay grade of O-11 with a starting salary that’s established as the position is created in wartime.

Rank:General of the ArmyAbbr:GOA
Salary:unknownOther:“Five-Star General”
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