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The following describes the U.S. Army Colonel rank insignia, salary, formal and informal ways to address a Colonel.

Army Colonel Rank

Army Colonel Rank

Army Colonel rank consists of a silver eagle. Colonel is the sixth in the series of Army Commissioned Officer ranks after Lieutenant Colonel and before Brigadier General.

An Army Colonel, abbreviated COL, is addressed as “Colonel” or “Sir” by subordinate officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers NCOs such as Army Sergeants and Army Privates. A Colonel is commonly assigned as a Brigade Commander. Many refer to this rank as a “Bird Colonel” or “Full-Bird Colonel” to differentiate the rank from Lieutenant Colonel.

An Army Colonel has a pay grade of O-6 with a starting salary of $6,186.60 per month as of 2015. The salary range is $6,186.60 – $9,272.10 mo.

Grade:O-6Formal:“Colonel”, “Sir”
Salary:$6,186.60 – $9,272.10 mo.
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