How to move the Windows taskbar

The following simple instructions cover how to move the Windows taskbar. By default, the Windows taskbar is located on the bottom of your screen. The taskbar can be moved to the top of the desktop, or the sides of the desktop. Instructions to move the Windows taskbar by dragging it to the top, bottom, or […]

Basketball: Learn How to Slam Dunk

by Anthony Rodge Let’s be real, if you play basketball, whether for fun as a past time activity or are aspiring to be a pro player, learning how to slam dunk is the best thing that you can do out there on the court. Slam dunking may not be the only thing about basketball you […]

How to Run Windows in Safe Mode

Question received: How do I run my Windows computer in safe mode and what key do I use? Windows in Safe Mode all you need to do is keep pressing the F8 Safe Mode Key on your keyboard while your computer starts up or during restart. Windows in Safe Mode using F8 After restart using F8 you should be […]

What is a vampire? How to recognize a traditional vampire.

What is a vampire? How to spot a vampire

A vampire is mythological being that appears as an animated corpse (undead entity) that survives by drinking the blood and/or by draining the life force, essence, or the energy of living humans or animals. Stories of vampire-like creatures have been told worldwide from nearly the beginning of ancient history (Persian, Roman, Mesopotamian, and Greek mythology account […]

My stolen property was recovered by the police. How do I get my property back?

If your property was stolen and recovered by the police they may hold it as evidence to a crime until the case has been adjudicated. Property is usually stored within the police department’s seized property section, or police evidence section for a period of time for the purpose of an investigation. Who To Contact to […]

Make a Good Web Page META Description

Simple instructions for making a good web page Meta description (Good META tags): A good Meta Description (or description META TAG) is a brief description of the contents of a web page usually written in plain-language in the form of a sentence. The description may appear visibly on a search engine results page, so care should be taken […]

Change Automatic Image Resizing in Internet Explorer

Simple steps to change automatic image resizing in Internet Explorer 1. Open Internet Explorer and choose Tools  >> Internet Options 2. Select the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to “Multimedia” 3. Uncheck Enable Automatic Image Resizing. 4. Click on Apply and Okay to save changes.

Turn Windows Icons Upright

How to turn your Windows desktop icons upright when they appear sideways using rotation settings. To make an icon appear upright, change the Video card rotation settings, this sometimes makes a strange sideways or not upright-looking desktop. Here is how to change NVIDIA video card rotation settings from the NVIDIA control panel. 1. Look on […]

Icon Names – Icon Labels to Show Background Color of Desktop with Drop Shadow

The names of my icons now show the background color of my desktop. They were transparent / translucent, meaning that I would see the desktop background, but with a slight drop shadow. How do you reset icon labels with drop shadow? To maintain transparent icon backgrounds with drop shadow on your desktop try the following […]

How to Use the IMG HTML Image Tag

The HTML image tag <IMG> is easy to use Carefully chosen, original images, increase the value of your web pages and will tend to keep visitors on your website longer. Images enrich web pages bringing them to life for your audience. They are also useful as supplements to your written words. Images are easy to […]

How To Make an HTML Checkbox

Example code to make an HTML checkbox Checkboxes are used when you want a user to select one or more options within a set of choices, questions or answers. Below is the basic HTML code for making an HTML checkbox with checked by default. Example of an HTML checkbox showing checked   <form> <input name=”checkbox” type=”checkbox” […]

How to Scroll Down in a Web Browser

Simple steps to scroll down in a web browser To scroll down in a web browser simply press your keyboard spacebar. To scroll up press shift + spacebar while viewing a website. You can also place your cursor over the website content you are viewing and press your up/down keyboard arrow keys. This applies to most popular web browsers such […]

How Do I Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From My Firefox Browser?

Instructions on how to uninstall the Yahoo Toolbar from Firefox: 1. From the Firefox top menu select Tools > Add-Ons 2. Scroll down the list of Firefox add-ons that are displayed and choose Yahoo Toolbar. 3. Click the button at the top labeled Uninstall 4. Restart Firefox to apply changes.

How to Start Windows XP in Safe Mode

Follow these steps to start Windows XP in safe mode. The steps below will require a Windows XP restart of your computer. Be sure to save/close all open files before proceeding. STEPS: 1. Click on Start and then Run to bring up the Run window where you can type commands. 2. In the Run window type “msconfig” and click OK to […]

Silly and Wonderfully Weird, Yet Affordable, Japanese Gift Ideas

Silly Japanese Gifts

by Donna David You will never get bored living in Japan. I’ve been living in Japan for the past two decades and I still see things that astound me, some in good ways and some in not-so-good ways. Whether you are in awe of the amazing talent that produces such wonderfully weird things or taken […]