How to Use Free Microsoft Sticky Notes App for Windows 10

How to Use Windows Sticky Notes

The Microsoft Sticky Notes app for Windows 10 is free and easy to use. I use Microsoft Sticky Notes app on my Windows PC as a tool when I’m working to quickly jot down important reminders. These colorful notes remain visible on the desktop and can be moved, resized, or minimized at any time. Sticky notes […]

Four Square Rules – How to Play the Game of Four Square

How to play four square

The following instructions explain how to play classic schoolyard four square that I learned in the 4th grade. What I describe here is a two-hand four square variation I prefer because it works well for every skill level and volleys tend to last longer. I still play using this variation most of the time. Why four square is […]

The Formula Used to Find the Area of a Triangle

Find the area of a triangle

The formula for finding the area of a triangle is really easy to remember. One way to recall this formula is to visualize the inside of the triangle as having a vertical line that runs from the bottom (base) to the top of the triangle (apex). And since area deals with the inner part of […]

The Formula Used to Find the Perimeter of a Triangle

Find the perimeter of a triangle

Finding the perimeter of a triangle is a relatively straightforward process using a formula similar to finding the perimeter of a rectangle. In the simplest terms, you are finding the length of all the outer sides and adding them together. The perimeter is the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure such […]

The Total Number of Bones in the Human Body

Total number of bones in the human body

How many bones, in total, are in the human body? Most agree that an adult full-grown human has 206 distinct bones. However, this number may vary to a slight degree depending on individual interpretation. For example, some sources indicate that there are 208 bones if you consider the three sternum sections. The problem is that […]

Police Signal Codes

What Are Police Signal Codes? Police signal codes and 10 codes are a system of numbers used together that represent specific activities or conditions and are usually transmitted by voice over the radio or used in mobile computer systems. The codes are typically transmitted from a dispatching center or dispatch (a central communications center) to […]

International Morse Code System Letters and Numbers

Morse Code Letters and Numbers

Table of International Morse Code System Letters and Numbers The tables below display Morse Code letters A through Z and numbers 0 through 9. Morse Code Letters A B C D E F •– –••• –•–• –•• • ••–• G H I J K L ––• •••• •• •––– –•– •–•• M N O P […]

What are some common types of brain disorders?

Types of Brain Disorders

Some common types of brain disorders that are frequently discussed are listed below: Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Disorder Alzheimer’s disease also called Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (SDAT) or simply Alzheimer’s, is a brain disorder named for German physician Alois Alzheimer. He was the first scientist to describe it in 1906. Alzheimer’s disease is a […]

Photoshop Spin Blur Effect for Spinning Car Wheels

Photoshop spin blur

This short tutorial demonstrates how to use the Photoshop CC Spin Blur filter to give car wheels the appearance that they are spinning. Additionally, Motion Blur will be used to blur the road and scenery behind the car to simulate the effect of the car moving at a high rate of speed. What you will […]

Removing a Photo’s Image Background and Replacing it Using Photoshop

Remove a background from an image using Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial demonstrates how to remove a zoo photo’s background. Then you will learn how to replace it with a natural wilderness background, thus hiding the people and the artificial zoo setting. The Polygonal Lasso Tool is the Key to Removing Elements The Photoshop Polygonal Lasso Tool is one of the tools I use […]

How To Remove Spider Webs From Your Home’s Exterior

Remove spider webs

Spider webs tend to build up over time around your home’s exterior. Spider web build-up will tend to be worse if you leave exterior lights on at night. This is because many insects are attracted to light and this makes a perfect hunting ground for all kinds of spiders. The webs are especially troublesome because […]

How to Apply Photoshop Gaussian Blur to Photo Backgrounds

Apply Photoshop Gaussian Blur filter to a background

This short tutorial demonstrates how to use the Photoshop Gaussian Blur filter to blur photo backgrounds. Blurring a photograph’s background can help minimize distractions like onlookers at the zoo. If you want to hide people or objects in the background of a photograph it’s pretty easy using blur filters described here, but you can also completely remove a photo […]

The Total Number of Bones in the Human Skull

Number of bones in the human skull

How you get the total number of bones in the average human skull all depends on how you count them, and the age-range of the skull you are examining. For instance, the human skull is made up of 45 separate bone structures at birth. As a child grows, bones gradually fuse together, interlocking at the […]

The Best Rust Map Seed and World Size for a Rust Server

Best Rust map

Creating a Rust map is one of my favorite things about being a Rust server admin. I can create a Rust world in seconds by simply plugging-in some random numbers (map seed and map size into the config). Here I’ll explain some of the ways I choose the best Rust maps for my own servers. […]

How to Manage Bookmarks in Google Chrome

Chrome bookmarks

Google Chrome makes it incredibly easy to manage bookmarks. If you are unfamiliar with bookmarks they are basically icons that appear below the browser address bar that act as convenient shortcut links to websites you specify. You can also create folders in the same area to organize a series of bookmarks in case you want […]