Miscellaneous Signal Flag Code

Examples of Miscellaneous Signals


Two-letter signals for General Signal Code examples are listed below as they relate to miscellaneous codes. Single-letter signals should be allocated to significations which are very urgent, important, or of very common use. For web page layout purposes the signal flags are shown here horizontally. As a general rule only one hoist should be shown at a time. Each hoist or group of hoists should be kept flying until it has been answered by the receiving station. When more groups than one are shown on the same halyard they must be separated by a tackline. The transmitting station should always hoist the signal where it can be most easily seen by the receiving station, that is, in such a position that the flags will blow out clear and be free from smoke. A more complete list of two-letter codes is shown in Chapter 2, Section V of the International Code of Signals.

Two-letter signals for General Signal Code examples

Note: Two-letter codes use compliments. That’s basically a number that provides a variation of meaning within a certain group.

Code Meaning
SU What is your cargo?
SU 5 My cargo is livestock.
SUSignal flag, Five (5)
SZ The total number of persons on board is…
GZ All persons saved
GZ1 All persons lost
GZSignal flag, One (1)
TO I have a mine in my sweep (or net).
TV Fishing in this area is prohibited.
TF4 I am shooting long lines.
TFSignal flag, Four (4)
TD I am a fish catch carrier boat.
UL All vessels should proceed to sea as soon as possible owing to danger in port.

Code Meaning
UM The harbor (or port indicated) is closed to traffic.
UO You must not enter the harbor.
UT Where are you bound for?
UU I am bound for…
UV 4 You are violating the conditions of innocent passage through the territorial sea (as indicated in the table of complements below). Request you comply with the conditions of innocent passage through the territorial sea.
UVSignal flag, Four (4)
UW I wish you a pleasant voyage.
UX No information available.
UY I am carrying out exercises. Please keep clear of me.
VF You should hoist your identity signal.