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What did medieval people eat?

This seems to be a common question. This listing of food is a very broad / general listing of what people would eat during medieval times.

The medieval diet was largely based upon geographic region, weather and economic conditions. Poor conditions during periods in history have led to food shortages and population loss. One example is the unusually inclement weather in the years from 1315 through 1318 that caused a succession of bad harvests. This led to widespread starvation in certain regions.

Here is a listing of common foods and resources that were utilized during this period. Many foods are not listed here...

Food from Medieval Times

» Chickens supplied eggs and meat

» Porridge

» Mushrooms

» Honey

» Milk

» Beef

» Pork

» Lamb

» Goat

» Legumes (peas, beans)

» Horse

» Ox

» Barley

» Various fruits and berries

» Wheat grain

» Various nuts

» Cheese

» Assorted vegetables