How to Listen to Podcasts

Listen to podcasts on Stitcher

The following simple instructions can help you listen to free podcasts whether you are on a Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, Droid, or WebOS.

1. Download Stitcher Radio free or search in your device’s applications listings for the “Stitcher Radio” download.

2. Once your download is complete install Stitcher on your device.

3. On the front page of Stitcher, you will see news headlines. Below news headlines are the most popular free podcasts and new free podcasts you can listen to. You can select any of those or choose On-Demand Shows from the left-side navigation link. There is also a search feature at the top of the application to find specific shows to listen to.

4. On Demand Shows will list all the podcasts by category that you can listen to: Popular & Trending, New & Noteworthy, Comedy Podcasts, Business & Industry, News & Politics, Education Podcasts, Society & Culture, Science & Medicine, and more. You can choose any of the categories to list all podcasts.

To get you started listening to podcasts, here are a few of the best podcasts on Stitcher that I recommend

This American Life Podcast

This American Life Podcast – This American Life if one of the most popular podcasts and has hundreds of episodes. There’s a theme to each episode and a variety of stories on that theme. It’s mostly true stories of everyday people, though not always. There’s lots more to the show, but it’s sort of hard to describe. There is an abundance of episodes in the archives to choose from and listen to. Often This American Life will have themed shows that match the holidays. With over 300 episodes at the time of this writing, This American Life is one of the most polished and comes with the highest recommendation. Visit This American Life Podcast >>


Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe – If you are interested in the paranormal, or even if you are a skeptic, Mysterious Universe is by far one of the highest quality podcasts of any genre and worth your time. Mysterious Universe brings you the latest news and podcasts covering the strange, extraordinary, weird, wonderful and everything in between. The highly entertaining Australian hosts have a strong yet cynical fascination with the paranormal. Mysterious Universe Podcasts >>


The Moth Podcast

The Moth Podcast – The Moth Podcast are true stories told by real people live on stage. This is one of the top-rated podcasts of all time. The podcast stories are generally under 30 minutes, hand-picked from a previously recorded themed performance or Moth Show. Moth shows are renowned for the great range of human experience they showcase. Storytellers explore themes, often in unexpected ways. Since each story is true and every voice authentic, the shows dance between documentary and theater, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience. The Moth Podcast >>


The Moth Podcast

The Pseudopod Horror Podcast (mature) – The Pseudopod horror podcast, referred to as just Pseudopod, is a quality feed that is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. This was one of the very first podcasts I ever listened to. Let me tell you, these stories are some of the creepiest you will find anywhere. If you like horror fiction read aloud by talented voices then you should check it out–like right nowPseudopod is for mature audiences only. I should add that Pseudopod’s multi-talented host, Alasdair Stuart, is a legend among podcast junkies. He brings his own creative insight to each story, like a moral to a storybut somehow more thought-provoking in a disturbing way; an honest, refreshing, perceptive, and sometimes haunting preamble or bookend. Check out Pseudopod >>