Things That Kill You In the Game Rust

You suddenly materialize completely naked in a strange new world. Nobody seems to know how it happens or why. That’s just how it begins for all nakeds in this harsh, post-apocalyptic world called Rust.

Rust Player - things that will kill you in the game Rust

Things that will kill you in the game Rust

Other players in Rust – The most dangerous aspect of the game Rust are other players that will inevitably hunt you down, kill you, and take all of your stuff. How to survive: Always be aware of your surroundings, limit your exposure, carry bandages and food to health up, build a strong base with layers of walls and armored doors. If feasible, build several small safe houses in your area for a quick escape in the regions that you frequent. Build alliances and identify foes. To learn more visit Stealth & Evasion Tips for Surviving Rust.

Dangerous placed objects in Rust – Placed objects include barricades, sentry guns, bear traps, land mines, and trap housesHow to survive: Concealed areas such as tall grass and bushes may contain traps. Traps are often found near structures as well. Move slowly and scan the ground for traps in probable areas. Some houses are built solely to trap players. Avoid jumping down into a structure without first locating a way to get back out. More sophisticated trap houses will have an open door and seem inviting. These types of trap houses use a nearby window or an angled door that can be closed from a concealed location (clipping through a wall for instance). Other types of traps include unlocked ladder hatches that a player may suddenly remove once you go down the ladder. You can hear the distinctive sound of sentry guns. They sound almost like a copy machine.

Dangerous animals in Rust– At the time of this writing only bears and wolves will kill you in Rust, but there are plans to add additional dangerous entities. Wolves do not travel in packs, but a lone wolf will certainly kill you unless you take immediate action with a weapon. How to survive: Keep your distance. Always carry a building plan and wood to build a quick foundation. Bears and wolves cannot bite you if you are standing on a medium foundation. Learn to detect the sounds of various animals in order to avoid encounters. A bear has a low bass sound when they roam. Wolves have their own distinctive roaming sound. Carry first aid items and especially bandages to stop the bleeding from an animal bite.

Environmental dangers in Rust – Environmental dangers in Rust include heat, cold, radiation, drowning, and falling. How to survive: Craft clothing to stay warm, drink water from a river to stay hydrated, limit exposure to radiation. Note: radiation is only found near monuments or structures near monuments. Many servers have radiation turned off.

Dangerous consumables in Rust – Dangerous consumables include spoiled meat, burnt meat, and salt water. At the time of this writing, all mushrooms in Rust are safe to eat. Don’t drink ocean water.

Patrol Helicopter – The patrol helicopter will kill you in Rust. How to survive: Nothing is certain, but the latest sources tell us to only wear 2 pieces of clothing (not armor) and do not carry any ranged weapons in your active inventory besides a basic bow. Follow this advice or just get naked! We know 100% the heli will not shoot nakeds.

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