How to Join Separate Paths in Photoshop

The following instructions explain how to combine separate paths into one shape.

Here I will join two paths, but you can join more than two paths in the same manner. Below just illustrates the paths I want to join together.

Path 1 shape I want to join to Path 2

Path 2 shape that I want to combine with Path 1

Steps used to join separate paths in Photoshop

Make a backup copy of your work before proceeding.

1. Copy Path 1 (ctrl + c).

How to copy Path 1 using Ctrl + C

2. Select Path 2 and paste (ctrl + v). This pastes Path 1 into Path 2.

How to paste Path 1 into Path 2 using ctrl + v thus combining the two shapes

3. You can now delete Path 1. Select Path 1 and (right + click) to choose Delete Path.

You can now delete Path 1 since it was pasted into Path 2 and they are joined.

4. With Path 1 now deleted, you can select Path 2 again.

Selecting Path 2 again.

5. With Path 2 selected, choose the Path Selection Tool.

Using Photoshop's Path Selection Tool located on the Toolbar on the left of the work area.

6. Using the Path Selection Tool (click + drag) from the upper left of your shapes to the lower right. This will Select All. The Path Selection Tool is located with other Photoshop Tools on the left side of the work area by default.

Using the Path Selection Tool you can click plus drag a rectangle shape around your shapes to select all anchors

If you were able to properly Select All then you should be able to see all the anchor points of both shapes. Steps 7 & 8 will merge the shapes so that all anchor points are joined into one shape.

Showing all the shape's anchor points as selected.

7. With all anchor points selected from step 6, go to the top menu and choose Exclude Overlapping Shapes.

From the top menu choose Exclude Overlapping Shapes.

8. Finally, choose Merge Shape Components from the same menu.

From the same top menu choose Merge Shape Components. This joins both shapes and their anchor points.