How to Use Free Microsoft Sticky Notes App for Windows 10

The Microsoft Sticky Notes app for Windows 10 is free and easy to use. I use Microsoft Sticky Notes app on my Windows PC as a tool when I’m working to quickly jot down important reminders. These colorful notes remain visible on the desktop and can be moved, resized, or minimized at any time. Sticky notes are automatically saved in a searchable archive for later retrieval when needed.

Microsoft Sticky Notes for Windows 10

Microsoft Sticky Notes for Windows 10

Microsoft Sticky Notes for Windows 10 Features

The following are the key features of Windows Sticky Notes:

  • Windows Sticky Notes colors include yellow, green, pink, purple, blue, gray, and charcoal.
  • Font styles include bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and bullets.
  • You can have multiple sticky notes open at the same time, in different colors, at various sizes, stacked or unstacked.
  • All sticky notes are resizable. You can make them tiny or stretch them to fill your entire screen.
  • Notes list allows you the ability to view all of your sticky notes at once and search for sticky notes you have created.
  • Sync your sticky notes so that you can use them anywhere.
  • Sticky Notes detects emails, phone numbers, and addresses to open Maps, Mail or Skype.
  • Surface Pen compatible so you can hand write your notes.

Download Microsoft Sticky Notes App for Windows 10 Free

1. Go to the Microsoft Store and install. You can choose to pin to start or pin to taskbar.

Open Microsoft Store to download Microsoft Sticky Notes for Windows 10

2. Once Microsoft Sticky Notes is opened you will see a welcome screen where you can sign-in.

The welcome screen for Microsoft Sticky Notes for Windows 10

3. After you sign in you can begin creating sticky notes. Clicking the plus sign + creates another sticky note.

A new sticky note.

4. Right + Click the taskbar sticky note icon to reveal Tasks. Tasks include a New note, Notes list, and Settings. In Settings make sure Confirm before deleting is turned On. By default, this should already be enabled, but check this important setting to avoid losing important information.

How to Create a Sticky Note

1. Click on the plus sign in the upper left of an existing sticky note, or right-click on the sticky note icon in the taskbar and choose New Note.

Create a sticky note, make a new sticky note, choose colors and font style.

2. Choose your sticky note color or view all the sticky notes you have created. The Notes list feature allows you to search sticky notes you have created.

The sticky note colors with Notes List to display saved sticky notes.

Microsoft Sticky Notes for Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have resized your sticky notes to a very small size the font style panel may disappear. You can use common keyboard shortcuts instead of using the font style panel.

Ctrl + b = Bold
+ i = Italic
Ctrl + u = Underline
Ctrl + t = Strikethrough
Ctrl + c = Copy
+ v = Paste
Ctrl + z = Undue
Ctrl + a = Select all text
Ctrl + n = Create a new sticky note
Ctrl + d = Delete sticky note
Ctrl + h = Hide panels