My stolen property was recovered by the police. How do I get my property back?

Police evidence property room

If your property was stolen and recovered by the police they may hold it as evidence to a crime until the case has been adjudicated. Property is usually stored within the police department’s seized property section, or police evidence section for a period of time for the purpose of an investigation.

Who To Contact to Get Your Property Back

You can usually get your recovered property back by contacting the seized or stolen property or evidence section of the local police department within the jurisdiction the property was recovered. In some cases, you may need to call the district attorney. You should have a police report with a case number and any property record numbers handy before contacting the police or District Attorney. Typically before property can be released to the owner or property finder, the recovering police officer has to execute a release form. When property is released there is a notification issued in writing and normally you have 30 days to retrieve it unless you file for an extension. After 60 days the police may dispose of any property that goes unclaimed.

Getting your stolen firearms back that were recovered by the police

If your stolen and recovered property included firearms there may be an additional required waiting period. In fact new laws may include more in-depth background checks before getting your firearms back. The release of stolen and recovered firearms usually requires that you complete a series of written forms and that you meet proper criteria to legally possess a firearm. The seized property section or evidence section of the police department will provide instructions for what identification and paperwork is necessary to get your firearm back.