Sleewee Free Icon Series 2 – Download Free Website Bullets

Download this set of free website bullets for use on web pages. These images include tiny arrow icons, solid wedges, pixel chevron icons, pixel double chevrons, joined chevrons, joined arrow bullets, dog on a short leash icon, dashed squares, simple chevrons, Islam icons, particles, large particle icons, tiny star web bullets, clover-shaped icons, x-shaped bullets, and barcode icons. Colors included are red, pink, purple, navy blue, baby blue, lime green, Kelly green, yellow, orange, brown, gray, and black. All tiny images in this set are original creations and free for download. Instructions are provided for how to place website bullets on a web page using HTML.

Preview of free website bullets in free icon series 2

Series 2 Free icons - icons and bullets for free

Preview of 192 free icons in this series.

All 192 free icons displayed here are included in this set at the size displayed here in .gif format.

Download Sleewee series 2 ZIP – 192 free icons