Florida Map With Divided Regions – Free Florida Map

Florida map divided into regions

Florida Map With Divided Regions – Free Florida Map is an original custom designed map of Florida created in Photoshop. Other variations are available upon request, e.g. different colors and other defined regions.

Description: Florida With Divided Regions uses designated colors to differentiate Northwest Florida, Northeast Florida, Central Florida, and Southern Florida. This map is ideal for business use, for educational use, or for any use that requires a Florida map divided into regions. Variations of this regional Florida map have been used on websites as a clickable interactive map of Florida. The map can be provided for customers seeking products or services in their region. The map can also be used for educational purposes and can be inserted into Microsoft Word or Google Documents.

This map is saved in png format and is free to download without the “SAMPLE” text over the image.

Download Florida Map With Divided Colored Regions: Northwest, Northeast, Central, and Southern

Format: .png / .zip download (other formats available upon request)
Map dimensions: 718 x 648 pixels
Map colors: Earth tones. Orange, sand, red, and brown.
Map color samples: #fff2a0, #fec2a2, #ffd094, #cad49f
Map textures: None.
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Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. By downloading this map you agree to these terms. 

Contact Sleewee“Variations of this Florida map are available upon request: info@sleewee.com.”