Where is the Firefox Options Menu Located?

The following simple instructions explain where the Firefox options menu is located. If you are accustomed to using other Internet browsers then it can be hard to find the Firefox options menu because you will tend to look near the right side of the address bar. This applies to Firefox 18.

Find & Open the Firefox Browser Options Menu

The Firefox browser orange tab on the upper left

STEP 2: Look for Options and mouseover it in the menu. This will open a submenu. Click on Options in the submenu.

The Firefox browser options in the submenu

STEP 3: The options menu is now open. Depending on what icon you click, you can do things such as set your home page, indicate a folder to save files to, change tab behaviors, disable JavaScript, block pop-up windows, set font size/style, make Firefox your default browser, adjust privacy settings, security settings, and more.

Firefox Options Menu