How to Find Text You Copied

Instructions How to FIND Text You Copied (Ctrl + C) in Windows Using the Windows Clipbook Viewer to See the Text

Did you ever wonder what folder or file stores the text you copy? Copying text is usually done by pressing the Ctrl + C keyboard keys but nothing happens visually when you do this. The copied text is actually stored in memory and in what Windows calls the Clipbook Viewer. Some people refer to this as Windows Clipboard or by the filename clipbrd. It’s also the place where the PrtScrn key will send a copy of a screenshot.

For newer versions of Windows, like Windows 10, see this article for how to see all of the things copied to the clipboard.

Steps to find your Windows Clipbook clipbrd to see your copied text

1. Click on Start then double-click My Computer and open C: Local Disk Drive by double-clicking it.

2. Inside your C: Local Disk Drive folder find the folder called Windows and double-click it.

3. Inside your Windows folder locate another folder called System32. Double-click this folder to view the contents. You may need to click the option to “Show Hidden Files.” You will note there are many files located in this directory so scroll-down past the folders and find a file called clipbrd as the example below illustrates.

Find your Windows Clipbook clipboard to see your copied text

4. Go ahead and double-click the clipbrd icon. You should then see the actual clipboard displaying the last text that you copied.

Clipbook viewer showing last text copied

5. For easy access to the Windows Clipbook Viewer in the future you might want to consider making a shortcut on your desktop. Right + Click the clipbrd icon and choose Send to > Desktop (Create shortcut)

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