Find a Link URL Address Without Clicking a Link

How to find a link URL (web page address) without having to click-through to visit a website.

Sometimes it’s useful to see the actual URL of a website before clicking on a link delivering you to another web page in Internet Explorer. For example, you might use this method if you are concerned that clicking a link might deliver you to another website outside the domain you want to stay on, to avoid advertising links, or to avoid downloading malicious programs.

Here is an example of common links you might see on a website.

example URLs

1. Identify the link you want to examine. In this example, the “About Us” link properties will be viewed.

2. Right + Click on “About Us” and choose Properties for the link you are wanting information about.

3. In the link Properties window under Address: (URL) you will see the absolute URL with the http://..

link Properties window

Note: In the Google Chrome browser you can right click and choose “Inspect Element” to achieve the same goal.