Stealth and Evasion Tips for Surviving Rust

Rust requires stealth and evasion for surviving the post-apocalyptic world. Rust is an immersive multiplayer video game in which you can lose everything, including your life. To learn more visit our page that explains things that will kill you in Rust.

Stealth and Evasion Tips:

Rust Player Camouflage - Stealth and Evasion Tips

» Crouch-walking is the only way to move silently. Familiarize yourself with the sounds of footsteps. It will save your life.

» Chopping trees, hitting rocks, and breaking barrels are especially noisy and will sometimes attract curious and potentially dangerous folks. While harvesting it’s good to pause intermittently, listen, and look around in case someone is stalking you.

» Deepwater is excellent for making an escape. Water makes you harder to see and few advanced players will chase you because their guns are useless while swimming. Deepwater is also an excellent place to put yourself to sleep. You will not drown while sleeping, animals don’t venture deep, and few players look for loot in deep water.

» Hide in bushes at your own risk. It does works sometimes, but running may work better.

» Campfires, torches, and furnaces emit light that can be seen at quite a distance. It’s always better to light a fire in an enclosed structure.

» Mountain passages can be a good way to avoid detection. Stick to mountains especially when transporting a lot of valuable resources over a long distance. Few players build on mountains and they are rarely traveled by groups or clans.

» Running in a random zig-zag pattern helps if someone is shooting at you. Remember this too: Every time someone takes a shot it creates distance between you and the bad guy. That’s because they cannot run and aim at the same time. Let them shoot all they want. Just keep running and zig-zagging. There’s a good chance you will escape.

» Always carry a building plan and wood to build a quick foundation. Bears and wolves cannot bite you if you are standing on a foundation that isn’t too low.

» Learn to detect the sounds of various animals in order to avoid dangerous encounters. A bear has a low bass sound when they roam. Wolves have their own distinctive roaming sound.

» Camouflage is subjective. Armor and hoodies will provide you protection but may sacrifice your ability to blend into the environment. You will have to decide what’s important based on your circumstances and play style. Hemp clothing with a poncho is a good choice early in the game to provide a balance of protection and camouflage. Fair-skinned players may consider covering up at night to avoid detection.

» Exploring monuments is dangerous. Limit your time and exposure. Monuments now have doors that can be used to detect the presence of other players. Close doors behind you as you explore. A monument absent barrels and crates may mean that someone is already in the area.

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