Microsoft Edge Browser: How To Pin a Web Page to the Windows 10 Start Menu

The Microsoft Edge browser provides an easy to use settings menu that allows you to quickly pin web pages to the Windows 10 Start menu. The example below illustrates the steps if you wanted to pin Google search engine home page to your Windows Start menu.

Steps for pinning a web page to the start menu using the Edge browser

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser and surf to the web page you would like to pin. In this example, the Google search engine homepage will be pinned to the Windows 10 Start menu.

2. In the upper-right of the browser look for the three dots and click to open Choose More Actions.

Microsoft Edge Browser Choose More Actions

3. Choose Pin to Start. This will automatically create a start icon in the Windows 10 Start menu. See #4

Edge Pin to Windows 10 Start Menu

4. Your newly pinned Start menu web page will be represented as an icon with the “e” logo among your other Windows 10 Start menu items. Here in this example, you can see the Google icon in the Start menu. Clicking on it will open the Edge browser with the Google search page showing.

Google icon in the Windows 10 Start menu