Change Edge Browser Search Bar: How to Change the Default Search from Bing to Google in the Edge Search Bar

The Microsoft Edge browser utilizes Bing for the search bar by default as its search provider. The simple steps below explain how to change the default search provider for the Edge browser from Bing to Google search in the search bar.

Steps for Changing the Edge search bar search provider

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser.

2. In the upper-right of the browser look for the three dots and click to open Choose More Actions.

Microsoft Edge Browser Choose More Actions to change the default search provider

3. Choose Settings. This will reveal the Settings popout panel (see #4).

Microsoft Edge browser Settings

4. In the Edge Settings popout side panel, scroll down to Advanced Settings and choose View advanced settings.

 Edge Settings popout side panel, scroll-down to Advanced Settings and choose View advanced settings

5. View advanced settings will reveal the Advanced Settings panel. Scroll to Search in the address bar with. You will see Bing as the default search engine for the search bar. This default setting will be changed in #6.

Edge search in the address bar with search provider. Bing is the default.

6. Search in the address bar with provides a drop-down menu. Here you can select <Add new> to bring up other options besides Bing as the default search provider. See #7.

How to add a new search provider for the search bar using Add new

7. To add a search provider select Google from the options provided and Add as default.

Edge browser choosing Google as the default search provider