Cyber Blue U.S. Map – Free U.S. Map

Cyber Blue Free U.S. Map

Cyber Blue Free U.S. Map is an original custom designed map of the United States created in Photoshop.

Description: Cyber Blue U.S. Map is predominantly dark slate blue with a subtle gradient. There is an abstract pattern overlay consisting of swirling lines that give the map texture and depth. Ones and zeros are slightly visible on the map. This map is ideal for a professional business or in the context of a subject that deals with technology, cybersecurity, or communications. Variations of this U.S. map have been adapted for websites, such as clickable interactive maps provided for customers seeking products or services in their region. This map can be used for a variety of educational purposes and can be inserted into Microsoft Word or Google Documents or used in presentations.

This map is saved in png format and is free to download without the “SAMPLE” text over the image.

Download Cyber Blue Free U.S. Map

Format: .png / .zip download (other formats available upon request)
Map dimensions: 740 x 511 pixels
Map colors: Dark slate blue, light steel blue, medium turquoise, white state abbreviations, white state borders.
Map color samples: #335F90, #66C0DB, #FAFAFB, #9FB4C9, #C5D2DF
Map textures: Cyber ones and zeros (1’s & 0’s) to convey technology, cybersecurity, communications, abstract features with swirling lines.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. By downloading this map you agree to these terms.


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