How to Link Text Using Dreamweaver

Linking HTML text using Dreamweaver is very simple:

An HTML hyperlink is also known as an anchor or anchor text. It can be used to link text and/or images to other web pages or resources found on the Internet or within a local directory. In Dreamweaver, they refer to it as a “Link” in the Property Inspector.

Linking text using Dreamweaver’s Property Inspector link field:

1. Open your HTML document in Dreamweaver.

2. Find the text you want to link and highlight it with your cursor.

The example below shows text “Home Page” I highlighted in Dreamweaver:

Example 1 showing highlighted text

Highlighted text

3. With text already highlighted, locate the Property Inspector at the bottom of your display. There you will find the Link field shown in A below. Either manually type-in a URL location of the file you are linking to or Browse for the file by clicking the folder icon B.

Example 2 showing Dreamweaver’s Property Inspector link field

Dreamweaver's Property Inspector link field

4. Save changes to your HTML document.