Fix Google Chrome From Showing, “The Server’s Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid!”

Google Chrome will display a message, “The server’s security certificate is not yet valid.” This is due to your Windows calendar/clock is not set to the right time/date.”

The full message may read, “You attempted to reach, but the server presented a certificate that is not yet valid. No information is available to indicate whether that certificate can be trusted. Google Chrome cannot reliably guarantee that you are communicating with …Your computer’s clock is currently set to Wednesday, October 1, 2003. Does that look right?…

Google Chrome Showing, The Server's Security Certificate is Not Yet Valid

How to fix your computer’s calendar/clock in Windows to Remove this Message

1. In the taskbar click on the time and date shown to display the calendar and clock. Click here for directions to show your taskbar clock if you cannot see it.

2. Click on Change date and time settings.

Change date and time settings in Windows

3. In the date and time tab, click Change date and time.

Change date and time in Windows