How to Pin a Website Shortcut to the Windows 8 Start Menu and Taskbar While Using Google Chrome

This short tutorial covers how to pin a website shortcut icon to the Windows 8 Start menu and taskbar when using Google Chrome. I go on to explain how to change a shortcut icon from the default, rough-looking icon you typically get from upscaled website favicons.

Create Application Shortcuts in Chrome

1. With the Google Chrome browser open to the page you want to pin, look for a menu icon to the right of the address bar that looks like three horizontal lines and open the menu.

2. Locate Tools

3. Choose Create application shortcuts…

Create application shortcuts in Chrome

Create application shortcuts in Chrome second window

Make Chrome Application Shortcuts

From the Create application shortcuts window check Desktop and Pin to Taskbar and then choose Create. This will create a shortcut in the Windows taskbar and Windows desktop.

Creat application shortcuts to the Dektop and Pin to Taskbar