Chrome Browser Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Google Chrome offers a variety of useful keyboard shortcut commands used to perform Chrome tasks more quickly. To perform a command, press the buttons listed together at the same time. For example, the command for Ctrl + F (used for “find”) means that you would press the Control key “Ctrl” on the keyboard at the same time as the “F” key. The plus sign simply represents “and” like, “press the Control key and F key at the same time.”

Keyboard keys pressed Commands (explanation of command)
Copying and pasting selections, printing, and saving web pages
Ctrl + A Select All (highlights everything on a web page)
Ctrl + C Copy selected (Copies a selection) / Ctrl + V is used to then paste the copied selection.
Ctrl + X Cut a selection (Cuts a selection) / Ctrl + V is used to then paste the cut selection.
Ctrl + V Paste a selection (Pastes a selection to a location you specify like within a document)
Ctrl + Z Undo (Undo previous action)
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo (Redo previous undo)
Ctrl + P Print Page (This action brings up a print preview screen)
Ctrl + S Save Page As (Save the web page to a designated location on your computer)
On-Page Navigation
ALT + Left Arrow Back to previous page
ALT + Right Arrow Go forward a page
Page Up / Page Down Scroll Up or Scroll Down One Page (Scrolls on the web page, one page up or down)
Arrow Up / Arrow Down Scroll Up or Scroll Down One Line (Scrolls on the web page, one line up or down)
Home Scroll Up (Scrolls to the top of the page)
End Scroll Down (Scrolls to the end of the page)
Space Scroll Down (Scrolls down a page)
Tab Select Link (cycles forward through links on a page)
Shift + Tab Select Link (cycles backward through links on a page)
Enter Execute (Opens a selected link on a page)
Ctrl + F Find ( Chome Find )
Great for highlighting the exact text you are looking for on a web page! The find feature appears on the top right of the browser when you press Ctrl + F.
Ctrl + G Find again (Find subsequent text) If you have already typed-in text to find on a page, then you can use Ctrl + G to keep scrolling down the page to highlight more instances of your text.
Ctrl + R Reload Page (Reloads / Refreshes the current page)
Ctrl + W Close window (closes an active window or tab)
ALT + Home Home Page (Default Google search page)
Ctrl + L or ALT + D Location (Highlights the location URL address bar as shown)

Highlighted URL location in the address bar

Browser Window and Tab Management
Ctrl + N Open new Chrome window (Opens a separate browser window not within current tabs)
Ctrl + Shift + N Open new incognito window (Opens a cookie-free / history-free separate browser window for enhanced privacy)
Ctrl + T Open new Chrome tab (Opens a tab within currently active browser)
Ctrl + 1 / Ctrl + 2 / Ctrl + 3 / Ctrl + 4 / Ctrl + 5 / Ctrl + 6 / Ctrl + 7 / Ctrl + 8 Open tab (Opens designated tab when multiple tabs are present 1 though 8)

Open Chrome tab

Ctrl + 9 Switch to Last Tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Previous tab
Ctrl + Shift + T Restore a previous session (tab opens revealing previously visited page)
F11 Full Screen (toggles full-screen mode)
Ctrl + (Plus key) / Ctrl + (Minus key) Zoom View (Plus + to zoom in, minus – to zoom out)
Ctrl + 0 (zero) Restore Zoom (Returns previously zoomed page to normal size)
Ctrl + D Bookmark Current Page (Displays a bookmark window to save the current page as a bookmark)
Ctrl + Shift + D Bookmark All Pages (Saves all open pages as bookmarks to a new folder)
Ctrl + Shift + B Show bookmarks bar (Toggles the bookmarks bar on and off)

Chrome Bookmarks Bar

Ctrl + Shift + O Open Bookmarks Manager (Learn more about managing Chrome bookmarks)
Other Useful Chrome Commands
Ctrl + J Downloads (Displays a listing of all downloads)
Ctrl + O Open file (Open a file from your computer)
Ctrl+Shift and click a link. Open Link New Tab (Opens a link in a new tab and switches to the newly opened tab)
Alt + F or Alt + E Open Menu (Opens the Chrome menu settings)
Ctrl + H Open History (Displays a history of visited web pages. Also, provides access to clear browsing data)
Ctrl + Shift + Exc Open Windows Task Manager (Displays task manager with active applications tab open)
Ctrl + Shift + Delete Open Clear Browsing Data Window
F1 Open Chrome Help
Ctrl + U View Page Source Code