How To Change Windows 8 Start Menu Icons With Something Better

Ugly Windows 8 Start Menu Icons
Ugly Windows 8 Start menu icons generated from website shortcuts.

This screenshot shows some ugly-looking application shortcut icons on my Windows 8 Start menu. This pixelated or blurry look is common when creating a website shortcut. This happens when Windows stretches a tiny image saved from a website (favicon) to fit the larger Windows icon format. There is no way to fix the current icons without replacing them with completely new higher resolution icons.

Changing Windows 8 Start Menu Icons With Something That Looks Better

1. Remove your website shortcut icon from the Windows 8 Start Menu by right-clicking and choosing Unpin from Start.

Unpin from Windows 8 Start menu

2. Return to desktop view by clicking on the Windows logo key. Assuming you still have a shortcut icon on your desktop, right + click on the desktop shortcut and choose Properties. If you deleted your website desktop shortcut simply make a new one as described here.

3. Inside the Properties Window choose the Shortcut tab and then click on Change Icon. This will allow you to browse to a folder containing replacement icons. If you don’t have a collection of icons to choose from you can simply search for “desktop icons” and download your own replacement collection to a designated folder.

Icon Properties: Change icon from the Shortcut tab.