What should I do if I see a dangerous animal?

1. Do not contact (touch) injured or unknown animals in any fashion. A bite from an animal may require immediate medical treatment for the injury or rabies. Immediately call animal control if you think there is a public safety risk. 2. Keep children indoors and alert others. 3. For any animal bites seek immediate medical […]

What are the Largest Rodents?

Common question submitted: “What are the largest rodents?” There are about 2,277 species of rodents. Among the largest common rodents are beavers and chipmunks. However, most people associate the term “rodent” with rats or mice. The largest rats are giant rats — 82 cm (32 inches) long, found living in New Guinea. The Capybara is a member […]

Possible reasons why your cat quit using the litter box

There are a number of possible reasons why your cat may have stopped using the litter box. Here I suggest some possible reasons that might be helpful to review. The litter box container has built up bacteria and residue that’s hard for you to detect You may not be able to detect built-up bacteria but […]

Common Training Exercises for Dogs

<< Part 5 | Part 6 of Dog Training Having learned so much about your dog now, through the previous articles in this series, you may want to learn the steps to a few of the more common training exercises for dogs. The most important point to remember when training these exercises is that every time […]

The Important Stages Of Puppy Training

<< Part 3 | Part 4 of Dog Training | Part 5 >> Awwww… Puppy just arrived and he’s the cutetestest, most adorabelest, most bestest puppy you’ve ever met. He’s so playful, barks at the cat, hides his toys, steals your socks from the laundry – he’s such a clown… how could anyone get upset with such […]

Adopt, Don’t Shop. But Do Your Homework First.

<< Part 2 | Part 3 of Dog Training | Part 4 >> Dogs are known as man’s best friend because that’s exactly what they will be if treated as such. Many animal rights activists have become involved in the ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ movement. In short, this movement makes want-to-be dog owners aware of just how many unwanted dogs […]

How Do Dogs Learn? How Should We Teach Them?

<< Part 1 | Part 2 of Dog Training | Part 3 >> Learning to perceive the needs of a dog can be likened to learning to perceive the needs of a baby. First-time mothers face obstacles daily within the first year of their newborn’s life, mostly because the newborn can’t speak. How is mother supposed to […]

Indoor Cat or Outdoor Cat? The Risks and Rewards of Roaming

The rhythmic wailing coming down from the mountain sounded like a klaxon. It took me a few moments to recognize it was something alive. Only slowly did the horrible truth dawn on me that it was a cat. Or rather a kitten. I had been feeding several wild kittens for a while but had never […]

Reading Cat Behavior: How to Tell if Your Cat is Distressed

One of the hardest aspects of caring for a cat is judging its mood. Not only don’t cats cry like people when they are sad, or sing in the bath when they are happy, but cats will often go a long way to actively hide their feelings. Particularly if they are in pain. In the […]