Checklist of Safety Items For Your Car

Safety items for your car

This checklist of safety items for your car helps to supplement A Complete Checklist of Items You Should Have in Your Car. Click on the items below to learn more about each car safety item and recommendations. Safety items you should have in your car 1. First aid kit A first aid kit is a […]

A Complete Checklist of Items You Should Have in Your Car

Checklist of items you should have in your car

This complete checklist of items you should have in your car supplements the article Checklist of Safety Items For Your Car. Click on the numbers below to learn more. Blue indicates items needed for cold climates. Common items you should have in your car 1. Spare tire Depending on the manufacturer and model of a car, a […]

Evasive Driving Practices to Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Crime

Evasive practices that can help you stay safe driving a vehicle in crime zones you cannot otherwise avoid Many of the tips here are taught to foreign service personnel working in sometimes hostile environments or in areas with high crime rates. Some of the techniques described below are also used by police officers such as the […]

Top 5 Things You Must Have in Your Car at All Times

by Anthony Rodge Always hope for the best, but expect the worst. Expecting the worst does not mean wishing for it, but accidents do happen and not everything goes according to plan. When it comes to traveling, the worst can be particularly bad – getting stranded, injured or even dying. Driving is the most popular […]

Possible reasons why your cat quit using the litter box

There are a number of possible reasons why your cat may have stopped using the litter box. Here I suggest some possible reasons that might be helpful to review. The litter box container has built up bacteria and residue that’s hard for you to detect You may not be able to detect built-up bacteria but […]

What Are The Types of Hazardous Waste?

Types of hazardous waste and how they are classified Generally hazardous waste will possess at least one of the four identifying characteristics for classification purposes. The four characteristics are ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity. So in order for waste to be deemed “hazardous”, it generally falls into at least one of these categories and is […]

Avoiding Road Hazards

How can I avoid road hazards to help prevent vehicle accidents? While you are driving you should always utilize all of your senses to avoid potential road hazards and to prevent vehicular accidents. Visually scan the road ahead to allow time to react safely to approaching situations. Continuously scan the side and rear for passing or approaching […]

My stolen property was recovered by the police. How do I get my property back?

If your property was stolen and recovered by the police they may hold it as evidence to a crime until the case has been adjudicated. Property is usually stored within the police department’s seized property section, or police evidence section for a period of time for the purpose of an investigation. Who To Contact to […]

Stay Safe and Plan Ahead: Preparing for a Hurricane in South Florida

Steps for Preparing for a Hurricane in South Florida 1. Study the evacuation routes, shelters, and potential storm surge areas for your vicinity. Information can be found on Florida’s Storm Surge Zones, Evacuation Routes and Evacuation Zones Information. Knowing what areas are prone to surge in different category storms and the evacuation routes are vital to your safety. […]

Basic Ladder Safety – How To Climb A Ladder Safely

Steps for Basic Ladder Safety / Tips For Climbing a Ladder Safely » Always hire an experienced/certified/insured tradesman for difficult jobs. » Adhere to all safety instructions. Warnings are usually included with your ladder. » For every 4 feet you go up a ladder, the ladder should be 1 foot away from the wall. Lean […]

How to park your vehicle so that your car or valuables are less likely to get stolen

How to park your vehicle so that your vehicle or valuables are less likely to get stolen: 1. Always lock your car and use an alarm that has a status indicator LED light that is visible and flashing. Even better, you may want to consider installing the Club, a Passive Immobilizer, shock sensors, and/or a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device. […]