10 Tips While Traveling in Tokyo

Tips while traveling in Tokyo

So you’ve decided to visit Tokyo for your next vacation. Tokyo is a vibrant, energetic city that can leave you exhilarated or completely disoriented with indecipherable signs, millions of people jamming the streets, and buildings standing so close to one another that they are almost glued together. Here’s how to help you keep calm and […]

Crime in South Africa and How It Affects Tourists

Crime in South Africa - how it affects tourists

There’s no denying that South Africa is one of the violent crime hot spots of the world. This fact dissuades many potential tourists from visiting our incredible land and in so doing, missing out on the incredible experiences the country has to offer. The good news for tourists is that according to police statistics, violent crimes do not […]

Fast Food Favorites Japanese Style

Japanese fast food

When you think of McDonald’s, you automatically think cheeseburger right? Ask a Japanese person to do the same thing and he’d most likely say, “teriyaki burger”. Same restaurant, different products. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that McDonald’s isn’t just an American company anymore. Like other famous fast food companies, it is a multinational corporation with […]

How to Make a Japanese Bento Box Lunch

How to make a Japanese Bento Box Lunch

by Donna David You’ve probably seen pictures of Japanese boxed lunches and marveled at how pretty they are. Seeing how neat and tidy the food looks, you’d think you’d have to be an expert in Japanese cooking to make them but that’s hardly the case. So banish all fears, channel your inner Iron Chef and […]

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Smartphone

Choosing the right smartphone

by Anthony Rodge Smartphones were dubbed so because they are supposed to make life easier. Having a smartphone in this age simplifies how you do everything – from how you communicate and find your way around, to how you work and how you choose a lifestyle. Smartphones have grown to become the core gadgets that […]

A Look at Some Popular Japanese TV Shows

Popular Japanese TV Shows

by Donna David If you’ve searched for Japanese TV shows on Youtube, you’d be inclined to think that the only things that you can watch in Japan are over-the-top game shows, questionable NSFW programs, or just plain silly pranks that are tear-inducingly hilarious. Comedic programs are popular in Japan, but there are other genres that dominate Japanese […]

Hollywood Celebrities in Japanese TV Commercials

Celebrities in Japanese TV commercials

by Donna David It is a fact universally acknowledged that a Hollywood celebrity who wants to make easy money must consider appearing in a TV commercial aired only in Japan. While no exact figures are available, it is said that a top actor or actress can command millions of dollars per ad. The caveat is, […]

South Africa’s Gastronomical Pleasures

South Africa's Gastronomical Pleasures

Not only is South Africa a great country to visit because of its incredible beauty and adventure, you also have to sample the South African cuisine while you are here. South Africans are by nature lovers of the outdoors and have mastered the art of cooking outdoors. This could stem back to their Voortrekker roots. The […]

Conspiracy Theory: The Moon Landings Were Faked

Conspiracy theory, moon landing faked

Some people believe the Apollo moon landings were faked. In fact, polls taken indicate as many as 6% of Americans believe this conspiracy. That’s hard to believe especially since humankind has landed on the moon six (6) times and a total of twelve (12) astronauts did actual moonwalks. Even when presented with overwhelming evidence there […]

What Food Did Medieval People Eat During Medieval Times?

What food did medieval people eat?

This seems to be a common question. This listing of food is a very broad/general listing of what people would eat during medieval times. The medieval diet was largely based upon geographic region, weather, and economic conditions. Poor conditions during periods in history have led to food shortages and population loss. One example is the unusually inclement […]

What is a vampire? How to recognize a traditional vampire.

What is a vampire? How to spot a vampire

A vampire is mythological being that appears as an animated corpse (undead entity) that survives by drinking the blood and/or by draining the life force, essence, or the energy of living humans or animals. Stories of vampire-like creatures have been told worldwide from nearly the beginning of ancient history (Persian, Roman, Mesopotamian, and Greek mythology account […]

Silly and Wonderfully Weird, Yet Affordable, Japanese Gift Ideas

Silly Japanese Gifts

by Donna David You will never get bored living in Japan. I’ve been living in Japan for the past two decades and I still see things that astound me, some in good ways and some in not-so-good ways. Whether you are in awe of the amazing talent that produces such wonderfully weird things or taken […]

Why You Should Visit South Africa

Why visit South Africa?

South Africa has fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and the country has much to offer to the International traveler. South Africa’s currency is weaker than all the major currencies of the world. Thus, the exchange rate is favorable as visitors get more value for money when they visit […]

Strange Myths and Urban Legends of South Africa

Strange myths in South Africa

Myths and legends are what make different countries special. South Africa is no exception to this rule as it has its own share of myths. While many people feel that these stories are merely urban legends, there are always people who believe with their heart of hearts that these stories and myths are in fact […]

Experience South Africa’s Gold Rush First Hand

Experience the South African Gold Rush

If you ever decide to visit South Africa, be sure to include a visit to Gold Reef City in Johannesburg on your itinerary. Gold Reef City has many attractions to keep young and old enchanted and enthralled all day and all night. This entertainment center is located just 5 miles outside of Johannesburg, the business […]