The Types of Streptococcal Infections

Types of streptococcal ifections

There are various types or species of Streptococci (“strep”) bacteria. The two groups briefly discussed here are from group AStreptococcus pyogenes GAS and group B Streptococcus agalactiae GBS. Nonpathogenic forms of strep bacteria normally live on the skin, inside the mouth, nose, throat, and inside the intestines. However, streptococcal bacteria can cause different types of […]

Where is Einstein’s Brain Kept?

Einstein's brain

What’s remaining of Einstein’s brain is stored at Princeton Hospital in New Jersey under the care of Dr. Elliot Krauss. Dr. Thomas Harvey was the doctor who initially conducted the autopsy on Einstein at Princeton Hospital in 1955 and removed Einstein’s brain, carefully sliced it into sections, and then kept it for research. According to […]

The total number of astronauts who have walked on the moon

Total number of astronauts who walked on the moon

There have been six (6) successful manned moon landings with a total of twelve (12) astronauts that have walked on the moon contrary to the conspiracy theory that the moon landings were faked. All of these moon walks took place between 1969 and 1972 as a part of NASA’s Apollo Program. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin […]

What is the Name of Acid in Vinegar?

Name of acid in vinegar

The name of acid in vinegar is acetic acid CH3COOH, an organic acid also known as ethanoic acid. When exposed to air over time, wine and beer turn to vinegar. Vinegar has been produced since ancient times. Acetic acid is generated through bacterial fermentation but it is mostly produced through a synthetic process in the products found […]

Reasons Why Native Gardening is Beneficial

Why native gardening is beneficial

Native gardening is the concept of gardening with plants native to a specific geographical region. As people become more eco-aware, native gardening is growing in popularity. Native plants are those that grow naturally in a region. In North America and other places settled by Europeans, a plant is native if it was present before European […]

The largest meteor shower ever recorded

Largest meteor shower

The largest stone meteorite shower recorded in recent history had nearly 70,000 rock fragments. The meteor shower took place on January 30, 1868, over Poland with impacts occurring across the region near the town of Pultusk. Thousands of people from Pultusk and surrounding areas witnessed the meteor shower that appeared as a gigantic fireball in the […]

What Should I Do if I Hear the lightning Prediction System Alarm?

Lightning prediction alarm

When you hear the lightning Protection System alarm you should immediately take shelter in a building or vehicle. Do not call 911 unless you have an emergency. The alarm sound is generally one 15 second long audible blast and is accompanied by a strobe light. The alarm indicates, as an approximate, that there is potential for […]

Is There a Danger of Falling Satellites and Other Man-Made Falling Space Objects?

Danger of falling space objects

An average of approximately one recorded object falls to Earth each day, and there have been no confirmed cases of serious injury or major property damage to date according to NASA. The probability of being hit is almost nil when you consider the vast, openness of our planet. If you think about it, humans only […]