Silly and Wonderfully Weird, Yet Affordable, Japanese Gift Ideas

Silly Japanese Gifts

by Donna David You will never get bored living in Japan. I’ve been living in Japan for the past two decades and I still see things that astound me, some in good ways and some in not-so-good ways. Whether you are in awe of the amazing talent that produces such wonderfully weird things or taken […]

Why You Should Visit South Africa

Why visit South Africa?

South Africa has fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and the country has much to offer to the International traveler. South Africa’s currency is weaker than all the major currencies of the world. Thus, the exchange rate is favorable as visitors get more value for money when they visit […]

Strange Myths and Urban Legends of South Africa

Strange myths in South Africa

Myths and legends are what make different countries special. South Africa is no exception to this rule as it has its own share of myths. While many people feel that these stories are merely urban legends, there are always people who believe with their heart of hearts that these stories and myths are in fact […]

Stay Safe and Plan Ahead: Preparing for a Hurricane in South Florida

Steps for Preparing for a Hurricane in South Florida 1. Study the evacuation routes, shelters, and potential storm surge areas for your vicinity. Information can be found on Florida’s Storm Surge Zones, Evacuation Routes and Evacuation Zones Information. Knowing what areas are prone to surge in different category storms and the evacuation routes are vital to your safety. […]

Developing Your Child Into the Next Mega Sports Star

Research has shown enough reasons why we should encourage our children to be active from a young age. Not only does it benefit their health, but it provides an opportunity to learn about teamwork, camaraderie, and discipline while teaching them how to achieve their goals. Each year there are several major sports events going on […]

Basic Ladder Safety – How To Climb A Ladder Safely

Steps for Basic Ladder Safety / Tips For Climbing a Ladder Safely » Always hire an experienced/certified/insured tradesman for difficult jobs. » Adhere to all safety instructions. Warnings are usually included with your ladder. » For every 4 feet you go up a ladder, the ladder should be 1 foot away from the wall. Lean […]

Experience South Africa’s Gold Rush First Hand

Experience the South African Gold Rush

If you ever decide to visit South Africa, be sure to include a visit to Gold Reef City in Johannesburg on your itinerary. Gold Reef City has many attractions to keep young and old enchanted and enthralled all day and all night. This entertainment center is located just 5 miles outside of Johannesburg, the business […]

How to park your vehicle so that your car or valuables are less likely to get stolen

How to park your vehicle so that your vehicle or valuables are less likely to get stolen: 1. Always lock your car and use an alarm that has a status indicator LED light that is visible and flashing. Even better, you may want to consider installing the Club, a Passive Immobilizer, shock sensors, and/or a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device. […]

Three Top Tourist Attractions in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Top tourist attractions South Africa

KwaZulu Natal is one of the most picturesque and fun places to visit in South Africa. While there are many sightseeing attractions, historical sites and places of natural beauty to be seen, there are three family-friendly attractions not to be missed during your stay in KZN, South Africa. The province is known to have only 2 […]