Four Square Rules – How to Play the Game of Four Square

How to play four square

The following instructions explain how to play classic schoolyard four square that I learned in the 4th grade. What I describe here is a two-hand four square variation I prefer because it works well for every skill level and volleys tend to last longer. I still play using this variation most of the time. Why four square is […]

The Best Rust Map Seed and World Size for a Rust Server

Best Rust map

Creating a Rust map is one of my favorite things about being a Rust server admin. I can create a Rust world in seconds by simply plugging-in some random numbers (map seed and map size into the config). Here I’ll explain some of the ways I choose the best Rust maps for my own servers. […]

How to Setup Rust Server Config

Rust server config

I’ve tried several configs over the years and have settled on this setup that allows for default decay and radiation for a 100 player server. The main config file is often referred to as the “CFG” file even though there are several files with the extension CFG like bans.cfg and users.cfg. Depending on your host […]

Things That Kill You In the Game Rust

Things that will kill you in Rust

You suddenly materialize completely naked in a strange new world. Nobody seems to know how it happens or why. That’s just how it begins for all nakeds in this harsh, post-apocalyptic world called Rust. Things that will kill you in the game Rust Other players in Rust – The most dangerous aspect of the game Rust are other players that will inevitably […]

Rust Decay Scale – Why I Love Rust Decay

Rust game decay

Yes, you read the headline with zero distortion. I LOVE RUST DECAY. Rust game decay rate is set to 100% as follows in a Rust server config: +decay.scale “1” Rust decay is the gradual degradation of player-built structures and player-implemented items such as foundations, walls, tool cupboards, sleeping bags, wooden boxes, and a slew of other structures/items. […]

How to Play the Game of Hangman

How to play hangman

All you need to play the game hangman is to have a partner, a piece of paper and something to write with. The object is very simple. One player is the executioner and chooses a word (usually 5 or more letters in length) but does not tell the other player what the word is. The […]

How to turn-off Team Fortress 2 Gore and Blood

Turn-off blood and gore in Team Fortress 2

The following instructions allow you to turn-off gore (gibs) and blood in Team Fortress 2 on a PC to make it less violent. I haven’t tried this on any other OS like Mac so I’m not sure the same steps apply. Turn-off TF2 Gore and Blood on a PC Make sure Team Fortress 2 is […]

Stealth and Evasion Tips for Surviving Rust

How to survive in Rust

Rust requires stealth and evasion for surviving the post-apocalyptic world. Rust is an immersive multiplayer video game in which you can lose everything, including your life. To learn more visit our page that explains things that will kill you in Rust. Stealth and Evasion Tips: » Crouch-walking is the only way to move silently. Familiarize yourself with the […]

Gameservers Rust Game Help For Rust Admins

If you want help running Rust on the Gameservers host here are some tips for admins. Rust Admin Tips for Running Rust on Gameservers Overview: As soon as you login you will be directed to Gameservers admin interface showing Active Subscriptions, but what you want to look at are the admin Tools. Under the server subscription name […]

How to Play Chinese Checkers

The following are simple instructions for how to play Chinese Checkers. What you need in order to play Chinese Checkers The number of players: Chinese Checkers allows for 2-6 players. A Chinese Checkers playing board: A Chinese Checkers playing board consists of 121 round indented slots in a hex-star shape and 20-60 marbles depending on the number […]

Basketball: Learn How to Slam Dunk

by Anthony Rodge Let’s be real, if you play basketball, whether for fun as a past time activity or are aspiring to be a pro player, learning how to slam dunk is the best thing that you can do out there on the court. Slam dunking may not be the only thing about basketball you […]