Fast Food Favorites Japanese Style

Japanese fast food

When you think of McDonald’s, you automatically think cheeseburger right? Ask a Japanese person to do the same thing and he’d most likely say, “teriyaki burger”. Same restaurant, different products. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that McDonald’s isn’t just an American company anymore. Like other famous fast food companies, it is a multinational corporation with […]

How to Make a Japanese Bento Box Lunch

How to make a Japanese Bento Box Lunch

by Donna David You’ve probably seen pictures of Japanese boxed lunches and marveled at how pretty they are. Seeing how neat and tidy the food looks, you’d think you’d have to be an expert in Japanese cooking to make them but that’s hardly the case. So banish all fears, channel your inner Iron Chef and […]

Food Poisoning Prevention Tips

Food poisoning prevention tips

Avoiding contaminated foods includes monitoring expiration dates, knowing where to find contaminated food recall information, proper food storage, avoiding cross-contamination, and using safe cooking temperatures. What is food poisoning? Food poisoning is a strong adverse reaction to contaminated food, water or beverages. Food poisoning causes an internal infection stemming from contamination in the form of […]

What are the types of Vinegar?

Listed are some of the types of vinegar that are commonly found. Common Types of Vinegar and Acidity Levels Balsamic Vinegar – Dark, almost black in color, labeled Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale. A syrup-like vinegar. Used in sauces, salads, on fruit and for dipping bread. Rice Vinegar – Various shades of red and brown. Very popular in […]

Boiling Time for Hard-Boiled Eggs

How much time is recommended for cooking hard-boiled eggs? The general time for hard-boiled eggs is 12-15 minutes depending on the size of the eggs. Bring water to a boil and back-off the burner heat to a simmer. Use a timer! Once eggs are done remove them from simmering water and place them in cold […]

Instructions for How to Prevent Boiled Eggs from Cracking

Steps to Stop Boiled Eggs From Cracking To stop boiled eggs from cracking there are some steps you can take. You can use one of the methods listed below or a combination of methods in some cases. Tip: In many cases, if you introduce cold eggs from your refrigerator to boiling water they will be more […]

South Africa’s Gastronomical Pleasures

South Africa's Gastronomical Pleasures

Not only is South Africa a great country to visit because of its incredible beauty and adventure, you also have to sample the South African cuisine while you are here. South Africans are by nature lovers of the outdoors and have mastered the art of cooking outdoors. This could stem back to their Voortrekker roots. The […]

What Food Did Medieval People Eat During Medieval Times?

What food did medieval people eat?

This seems to be a common question. This listing of food is a very broad/general listing of what people would eat during medieval times. The medieval diet was largely based upon geographic region, weather, and economic conditions. Poor conditions during periods in history have led to food shortages and population loss. One example is the unusually inclement […]