Windows sound is not working: find sound drivers with Windows Update

Windows sound not working, update drivers

If your Windows sound is not working and it’s due to having missing or corrupt sound drivers you can often find the sound drivers you need with Windows Update. Use Windows Update to find the sound drivers you need STEPS 1 & 2: Open Windows Update through your Start Menu and typing “Windows Update”. Click […]

Windows sound is not working: Missing sound drivers in device manager

Windows sound not working, missing drivers

If your Windows sound is not working this could be because your sound drivers are not installed, missing drivers or incorrectly configured drivers. This can be checked by opening Device Manager and looking for yellow exclamation or yellow question marks. Check Windows Device Manager for missing sound drivers indicated by yellow exclamation or question marks […]

Windows Icons Appear Too Big

Question received: My icons appear too big on my desktop. I’m not sure what happened to make them look too big. Can you help make them smaller? Icons that are too big could either be fixed inside your Display Properties Appearance or within Settings Screen Resolution. First, make sure you aren’t running in safe mode. […]

How to Get an Image Size in Pixels in Windows

This example shows you a fast way to get image size dimensions in pixels using Windows. It’s sometimes useful to see this dimension size information at-a-glance and especially if you need to see many images at once inside a folder. Steps to view image size in pixels for newer versions of Windows: 1. Open and […]

Microsoft Edge Browser: How To Pin a Web Page to the Windows 10 Start Menu

The Microsoft Edge browser provides an easy to use settings menu that allows you to quickly pin web pages to the Windows 10 Start menu. The example below illustrates the steps if you wanted to pin Google search engine home page to your Windows Start menu. Steps for pinning a web page to the start menu […]

Choosing The Best Gaming PC Case for Graphics Intensive Gaming

Best gaming PC case

Whether you are shopping for a PC case to build your own custom gaming rig or configuring a prebuilt system through a retailer or system builder, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the best gaming PC cases available before making a purchase. This is especially important if you plan to run graphics intensive games under […]

Dell XPS 8700 X8700-2500BLK Desktop Unboxing

The following is the unboxing of the Dell XPS Desktop. The XPS Series is considered one of Dell’s higher end, performance series desktop solutions. It’s important to note that there are a number of different builds (options) available within the XPS Series. So every XPS will have its own unique hardware specifications such as the 8700 2500BLK described here. So […]

Instructions How to Replace a CMOS Battery

Typically a CMOS battery will need replacement every 3 to 5 years. You will often notice when your CMOS battery needs replacement if Windows displays an incorrect date and time on the Windows taskbar clock. Incorrect date and time can lead to problems such as a server’s security certificate showing as not yet valid, thus making […]

How To Convert GIF, PNG, JPG to Different Image Formats for Free

You can easily convert images to different formats using Microsoft Paint Steps are explained below to Convert images for free using Microsoft Paint included with Windows XP 1. Make a backup copy of the file you want to convert and keep it in a safe place. 2. On Windows choose Start >> Programs >> Accessories and click on Microsoft Paint. 3. Once […]

How to Fix a Computer that Freezes Randomly

My computer freezes randomly, what can I do to speed it up and to prevent this freezing? A number of issues could be the culprit. This is why you will need to isolate what the potential problem could be by the process of elimination. I usually start with the easy to deploy solutions first. This […]

Show or Hide the Time Clock on the Windows XP Taskbar

How to Show or hide the clock on the Windows XP Taskbar Inside the Windows taskbar, there is a clock usually located to the very right corner of the display.  You can show or hide the Windows time clock by following these simple instructions: Step 1. Right-click on your taskbar in an empty area as shown […]

Make Family Photos Into a Slideshow Screensaver

These simple instructions explain how to take your family photos or other pictures and make them into a nice rotating slideshow display on your computer’s desktop. Steps to make a slideshow screensaver 1. First, verify that your family photos or pictures are uploaded to your My Pictures folder in Windows. It’s usually located inside C:\Documents and Settings\My […]

How To Find Out How Much RAM Your PC Has Installed

What is RAM? RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Data is typically stored in RAM for use by the processor while the computer is operating. RAM is considered random access because the location of the stored information does not affect the access speed. The more RAM that’s available, the more applications you can have running simultaneously without […]