Replace HDD with Samsung 860 EVO SSD

Replace HDD with Samsung 860 EVO SSD

I recently upgraded my Dell XPS HDD with a Samsung 860 EVO SSD and it literally took ten minutes (excluding the time it took to backup data before installation). That’s ten minutes to physically open my PC case, replace the HDD with the SSD (attaching cables, etc.), plus the time it took to install Windows […]

How to Open Speech Recognition in Windows 10

Open Speech Recognition

Windows 10 Speech Recognition provides you with the ability to operate a PC using voice commands instead of relying on the computer’s keyboard. Hands-free control of your PC gives you an added level of accessibility and can be quite useful in your work environment. Checking e-mail, using apps, and surfing the web without using a keyboard can add efficiency […]

How to Make Windows Desktop Icons Smaller

Make Windows icons smaller

There are at least two ways to make your Windows 10 desktop icons smaller. The fastest way to adjust Windows 10 icon size Hold-down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while simultaneously scrolling the mouse wheel backward. The next fastest way to make Windows icons smaller Right click on the desktop (any empty space is […]

How to Lock Windows Desktop Icons in Place

Lock Windows icons in place

These simple steps explain how to lock Windows 10 desktop icons in place so they do not move from their set locations. This method will arrange icons to the left side of your desktop. Within this arrangement, you can still switch the order of icons by click + dragging them but will not be able […]

How to Find the Windows Key on the Keyboard

Where is the Windows Key

The Windows key on the computer’s keyboard isn’t always easy to find. For example, on this wireless Logitech keyboard I use, there is no key marked “Windows” or even a key with the Windows logo on it. Here I’ll show a few examples of Windows keys I found. The easy to find Windows key on […]

See all of the things copied to the clipboard

See all things copied to the clipboard

Most operating systems like Windows 10 only copy one thing to the clipboard at a time and don’t store any history. In this way, the clipboard is constantly being overwritten by any subsequent thing you copy to the clipboard. This is why you cannot find previous things you copied. Anything other than what you just copied […]

How to Use Free Microsoft Sticky Notes App for Windows 10

How to Use Windows Sticky Notes

The Microsoft Sticky Notes app for Windows 10 is free and easy to use. I use Microsoft Sticky Notes app on my Windows PC as a tool when I’m working to quickly jot down important reminders. These colorful notes remain visible on the desktop and can be moved, resized, or minimized at any time. Sticky notes […]

How to Create Multiple Virtual Desktops Using Windows 10

Creating multiple virtual desktops in Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature for creating multiple virtual desktops that you can toggle. This provides more space to organize your workspace and helps to streamline workflow. Multiple desktops are useful if you need to run several programs at once as I do. Creating new desktops is easy and can be accomplished right from […]

How to Find Text You Copied

Find text copied

Instructions How to FIND Text You Copied (Ctrl + C) in Windows Using the Windows Clipbook Viewer to See the Text Did you ever wonder what folder or file stores the text you copy? Copying text is usually done by pressing the Ctrl + C keyboard keys but nothing happens visually when you do this. […]

Print Your Screen in Windows Using the Print Screen Key to Capture a Screenshot

Print screen key

Where is that Print Screen Key Located? The Windows Print Screen key is normally located at the top right of your keyboard in close proximity to the “F-Lock Key” and is typically identified by the letters Prt Scrn. See the example below. Make sure F-Lock is off before attempting to use the Print Screen Button. […]

How to Take Screenshots

How to take screenshots

What is a Windows screenshot? A screenshot is an image copy of what you see on your computer screen. A screenshot can be captured from basically anything you are looking at. Examples include web pages, pictures, open programs or documents such as MS Word, PDF files, or literally anything you can see on your computer’s […]

Disk Cleanup in Windows to Improve Performance

Windows disk cleanup

Why should I perform disk cleanup in Windows XP? Disk Cleanup will help improve your computer’s performance by deleting files that are not crucial such as temporary internet files that only serve to assist in speeding up page load time for sites you revisit, and tend to take-up significant disk space. Disk cleanup combined with […]

How to Change Windows Screen Resolution

Change Windows screen resolution

Simple instructions for how to change Windows screen resolution inside Windows Display Properties in order to increase or decrease resolution. Steps for Windows Display Properties Screen Resolution 1. Right click on an empty area on your desktop and choose Properties. This will bring up the Display Properties window. 2. In the Display Properties window, choose […]

Windows sound is not working: Check the speaker connection on the back of the computer

Windows sound not working, Check speaker connection

If your Windows sound is not working there are some steps you can take to diagnose the problem. The following steps begin with simple issues like muted sound, sound playback device, speaker connection, and other Windows sound instructions and diagnostics. How to tell if your speaker connection is plugged-in Most computers have at least three […]