Aerial View of My House

Aerial view of house

How do I get an aerial view of my house? Google Maps Google Maps allows you to view aerial photographic imagery, map and terrain data, business listings, reviews, traffic, and other related information. To get an aerial view follow these steps for zoom approach (longer): 1. Go to Google Maps 2. You should see […]

Find a Link URL Address Without Clicking a Link

How to find a link URL (web page address) without having to click-through to visit a website. Sometimes it’s useful to see the actual URL of a website before clicking on a link delivering you to another web page in Internet Explorer. For example, you might use this method if you are concerned that clicking […]

How to Calculate Travel Distance on a Map

Calculate travel distance on a map

Described are 2 ways to calculate travel distance on a map. The first method uses the Google Maps Distance Calculator. The second method is using a standard paper road map. Calculate travel distance using Google Maps Distance Calculator and map scale 1. Go to Google Maps Distance Calculator. 2. In the search box, type your starting […]

How to Listen to Podcasts

The following simple instructions can help you listen to free podcasts whether you are on a Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, Droid, or WebOS. 1. Download Stitcher Radio free or search in your device’s applications listings for the “Stitcher Radio” download. 2. Once your download is complete install Stitcher on your device. 3. On the front page of […]

How to Get a Free Disposable Email Address

A free disposable e-mail address is a good way to stop spam, stop unwanted e-mail and to hide your real e-mail address. Benefits of having a disposable e-mail address » You can hide your real email address » You can stop unwanted emails » Anonymous email services to protect your private email address from getting […]

How to Use Boolean Search Operators

How to use Boolean search

How do I use Boolean search operators to find things when I search the Internet? What is a Boolean Search? A Boolean Search is named after George Boole who came up with a type of linguistic algebra that uses AND, OR and NOT. George Boole’s publications “Mathematical Analysis” and “Investigation”, brought forth Boolean Logic. So when performing a Boolean search you […]