How to Save and Export Internet Explorer Favorites

Save and export Internet Explorer favorites

Question: “How do I transfer (export) my IE Favorites from one computer to another? I want to be able to save my favorites from my old computer in the new computer I just bought.” Steps for exporting Internet Explorer favorites from one computer to another is listed below. Through this process Internet Explorer saves your favorites […]

How to Disable Java in the Google Chrome Browser

The following simple instructions explain how to disable Java in the Google Chrome browser. Two methods are shown: The fastest way and the long way. Java is a plug-in provided in most modern browsers but is typically not needed for most web browsing tasks. It’s recommended to disable Java to avoid browser security vulnerabilities according to The […]

How to Fix Browser Back Button Problem

Steps to fix your browser back button if it doesn’t seem to be working. Many times when visiting a website you may get stuck and be unable to use the back button due to the website running redirect scripts. This issue is evident in almost any browser that allows active scripting / JavaScript and has […]

Find a Link URL Address Without Clicking a Link

How to find a link URL (web page address) without having to click-through to visit a website. Sometimes it’s useful to see the actual URL of a website before clicking on a link delivering you to another web page in Internet Explorer. For example, you might use this method if you are concerned that clicking […]

How to Delete Browser History of Websites You Visited

Delete a list of websites you have visited using Internet Explorer’s (IE) “Delete History”. The following simple steps show you how to perform this operation. Deleting your history will not delete your chosen Favorites listing of websites. 1. Close out all open browsers. 2. Open a new instance of Internet Explorer 3. From Internet Explorer’s […]

How to Delete Temporary Internet Files in Internet Explorer

Delete temporary files using Internet Explorer’s (IE) “Delete Temporary Files” option. Temporary Internet files are stored on your computer to help you browse websites faster. For example, images are downloaded and stored on your computer so that every time you visit a website your computer doesn’t need to continuously download the files. Follow these steps […]

How to Use Boolean Search Operators

How to use Boolean search

How do I use Boolean search operators to find things when I search the Internet? What is a Boolean Search? A Boolean Search is named after George Boole who came up with a type of linguistic algebra that uses AND, OR and NOT. George Boole’s publications “Mathematical Analysis” and “Investigation”, brought forth Boolean Logic. So when performing a Boolean search you […]

Change Automatic Image Resizing in Internet Explorer

Simple steps to change automatic image resizing in Internet Explorer 1. Open Internet Explorer and choose Tools  >> Internet Options 2. Select the “Advanced” tab and scroll down to “Multimedia” 3. Uncheck Enable Automatic Image Resizing. 4. Click on Apply and Okay to save changes.

How to Scroll Down in a Web Browser

Simple steps to scroll down in a web browser To scroll down in a web browser simply press your keyboard spacebar. To scroll up press shift + spacebar while viewing a website. You can also place your cursor over the website content you are viewing and press your up/down keyboard arrow keys. This applies to most popular web browsers such […]

How Do I Uninstall Yahoo Toolbar From My Firefox Browser?

Instructions on how to uninstall the Yahoo Toolbar from Firefox: 1. From the Firefox top menu select Tools > Add-Ons 2. Scroll down the list of Firefox add-ons that are displayed and choose Yahoo Toolbar. 3. Click the button at the top labeled Uninstall 4. Restart Firefox to apply changes.