Instructions for How to Prevent Boiled Eggs from Cracking

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Steps to Stop Boiled Eggs From Cracking

To stop boiled eggs from cracking there are some steps you can take. You can use one of the methods listed below or a combination of methods in some cases.

Tip: In many cases, if you introduce cold eggs from your refrigerator to boiling water they will be more likely to crack. This is because of rapid temperature change. So before following any of the additional steps below, it’s recommended to simply have your eggs already placed inside the pan with warm water and bring them to a boil gradually. If this works then there’s no need to follow any of the additional tips listed below.

If the above does not work then try any of the individual ideas presented below:

1. Soak eggs in warm water before boiling or simmering eggs. (See: Boiling Time for Hard-Boiled Eggs)

2. Puncture a small hole in the large end of the egg with a needle. This may help compensate for the pressure during rapid temperature changes.

3. Wrap eggs in tinfoil.

4. Many times eggs crack when they strike the bottom of the pan. A solution is to slowly introduce eggs to boiling water using a large spoon or ladle. Gently lower each egg until they are resting on the bottom of the pan.